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I Am Not Myself

Jul 19, 2023
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I am not my beautifully bronzed skin.

I am not my dedicatedly trained body.

I am not my laughters, nor my tears.

I am not my pain, nor my relief.

I am not my self-confidence, nor my worries.

I am not my parents' daughter.

I am not that woman who has two-page CV full of titles and credentials.

I am not that woman who travels and who settles.

I am not that woman who stands on the waves and who stands on a hanging thread.

I am not my thoughts, nor my actions.

I am not the one who loves you; nor the one who doesn't love you.

I am simply NOT so that I can be.

I am not the defined but a void, full of nothing so that there is always something.

I am not the shown but the invisible, transparent through which everything is seen.

I am not the lived but the unborn spirit, embodied no time and space where incarnation is possible.

I am simply not so that I can be.

I am simply not so that I can be.

Be love and Be loved. I AM.

  • We tend to hold on to the notion of "self" so tightly unconsciously. By doing so, there is much missed out, the possibilities and the knowing of unlimited self.
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Philip Ebuluofor9mo ago

For sure we fo that a lot and at times, I think it is necessary for sanity.