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"I am" is nothing appearing as everything.
Sep 28, 2020

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The illusion (absolute-separateness) is that there is a self/no-self, or individuality, that is absolute in appearance of being separate and independent apart from everything else denying the all-inclusiveness (wholeness) that obviously is “what is.” THIS appearance that seems to be happening is what is and isn’t.

That “I am,” which seemingly claims to be separate and independent exclusively apart from wholeness and is claiming to be a seeker whom is seeking wholeness is, relatively speaking, an absolute fallacy. As funny as that may sound, it is not “I am” as it isn’t anything, but an illusion, an illusory individual claiming to be “me” that is happening to no one. The mind’s dream of individuality taking “itself” to be _only just_ an “it” (object) and a “separate self” (a subject and entity), the mind is and is not a mind, which THIS wholeness is ignored in favor of being exclusively a form.

There is nothing that needs to be done about THIS. There is no one to get rid of THIS delusional dream of individuality, as the one who wants to be liberated from the illusion, and henceforth, seeks enlightenment is the illusory individual trapped in the illusion of itself. The personal is not an entity, but simply the personal is an activity of the impersonal, nothing appearing as everything. THIS empty-fullness, THIS absolute-relative, THIS everything that appears to be a thing that’s also no thing!

What is and isn’t, THIS wholeness that LIFE is, is apparently, already enlightened. Eternally so.

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