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Dec 11, 2020
Gregory Miller
Core Spirit member since Sep 28, 2020
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“We” are equally unique and common, different and not the same, the same and not different, nothing and everything. However, the “separate self” that claims to only ever just be a relative distinct “something” falsely declaring a personal ownership to some things like a specific body in exclusion to “other” things such as every “body” is no one. The “separate self” blasphemously claims to not be nothing and not be everything, but only a limited something. And that story is a dreamed up imagining that is no one.

That delusional dream the human brain projects as a personal story of “you” being totally separate from “me” and separate from “everything.” The projection of separate personhood is the brain’s denial of the Wholeness that YOU ARE equally everything and nothing (not a thing), but claims that “you” are only just something incomplete, limited and finite is only imagined due to misunderstanding that the apparent relative is not absolute, but only just opposite of absolute yet the relationship between all things is obvious that everything is all-inclusively absolute, thus the relative IS absolute and a reflection of the Wholeness THIS is!

The “belief” (the lying to “our”-Self about knowing something that has never be “known” or “understood” by us hoping it to be true) that separation is real is the deceptive appearance that leads to a belief in being a “separate self” that never “has” an existence in our shared Being. Being is THIS inseparable aliveness that that we only know “our”-Self in all that is presently arising Here and Now appearing as everything exactly as it is - inseparably absolute relatively separate - but never incomplete or unwhole as the relationship to everything clearly reveals “it”-Self to “it”-Self as the Selfless paradox that Wholeness is! Existence means “to stand out” and this standing out is a reflection of the wide open space that all appears relatively “in,” “out,” and/or “on,” and yet there is nothing else for it to be coming “out” of to be-coming “in” to for it to appear “on,” but rather appearing AS “what is and isn’t.”

Even the attempt to abandon “your”-Self in resistance to how LIFE is appearing as something that is “completely unrelated” to me (is not me/something other than me in an absolute sense), but is something that shouldn’t be happening and is happening “to me.” This is the personal story that reflects the deceptive appearance of the human brain’s “Self”-delusion that takes itself to be separate and only ever just a brain. To claim anything is unrelated to anything else AFFIRMS the Absolute-Relative and such a claim miserably fails to negate the relationship as the Selfless Wholeness that YOU ARE that cannot and would not abandon “it”-Self. And so it does not matter if the human brain’s projection of an illusory “separate self” seems to be claiming to resist life as it appears or if it proclaims that whatever seems to be happening is acceptable. It is always far too late for the resistance or acceptance of illusory “separate self” as however LIFE is appearing Here and Now already is appearing Here and Now and so even that is deeply embraced and unconditionally accepted. It’s resistance and acceptance is always already too late as it obviously is already unconditionally accepted and life is allowed to appear exactly as it is despite whatever the illusory “victim” of the separate self (that is no one) has to say about anything whatsoever.

This illusion is what leads humanity into a longing for wholeness and a fight against life which is clearly humanity assuming the false identity of the separate self and fighting against life as if life were the enemy threatening to further separate what has never existed nor has any being whatsoever. It remains a dreamed up story based on the imagining of thought due to misunderstanding itself to be only a relative apparent object and subject. In all things relative which is the absolute appearing as a sense of Self, feeling like an individual, as the Absolute-Relative is the reflection of the Wholeness that alone is everything and nothing and so this empty-fullness illuminates as the Absolute-Relative Self in all things feeling like an individual because there is not another unlimited Wholeness. Although even in the failure to resist and reject LIFE as it appears is a revelation of the unconditional love that is beyond the human concept of “love.” Everything is accepted even our relative non-acceptance, and the human brain is obviously allowed to keep dreaming of a total separation that is never what is happening.

When the illusion of separation is seen through for the deceptive appearance it is the human brain’s clinging to the false identity seemingly falls away. Some have called this the “end of identifying with thoughts.” The dream of a separate self, that is the Absolute-Relative constantly appearing and disappearing, is devoured by the destructive flames of the fire that Wholeness is as it ever-presently always is. The war with life is the longing for “humanity’s” Wholeness that is already whole and complete. Humanity is already not separate and obviously deeply related to everything and nothing, but nonetheless humanity taking itself to be separate will seem to continue to violently resist what is and isn’t appearing Here and Now. For you, relatively speaking, once the clinging to the illusion of separation falls away the war with life will likely gradually subside like the echoing of the last bullet fired into the stillness of the battlefield that is now a boundless open field of a peace that surpasses all understanding. The mentally conditioned story out of habit will still arise in thoughts only to be seen for what they are truly are, not only just thoughts, nor inherent of some illusory thinker, but equally they are not the thoughts they appear to be, and you’ll embrace them as “your”-Self welcoming them Home, in YOU, the Here and Now that YOU ARE. Wars with life will seem to rage on, but seem somewhat a distant event, as it is no one’s war? Where is the separate self that separates itself from thee Absolute-Relative Self that is completely everything YOU ARE? And rather than deny and attempt to negate the suffering of those who believe themselves to be separate from you, separate from life, separate from everything, you’ll accept and embrace them as “your”-Self while responding to the claims that there is a real separation with the all-embracing uncompromising message that Wholeness is already is completely “what is and isn’t.” The feeling of being unwhole and incomplete in need of seeking to be made whole, in need of seeking to make right what seems so wrong, is simply a misunderstanding that is completely understandable and you’ll embrace and accept their suffering of separation, accept their hopeless seeking for what they already are. By simply being the wide open still and silent space that YOU ARE the sense of already being home will take hold them deeply if only for a brief moment, and that may appear imperfect but it’s perfectly appearing as the meeting “our”-Self exactly as it is appearing. And so you will not try to fix them, heal them, or awaken them. You won’t reinforce the idea that they are broken. You won’t tell them to go to war with their war with life. You won’t tell them to resist their resistance. You will clearly see this dream doesn’t belong to them and their personal war that seemed to also be projected as your own personal war with life you’ll relate to intimately with empathy as the unconditional love of the Wholeness that YOU ARE. And even if they believe the personal story of the separate self does belong to them this too is obviously deeply accepted and you’ll “learn” how to be with whatever LIFE is appearing as. Appearing as the inseparable imperfect mess that LIFE (the Absolute-Relative) is, reflecting the perfect all-embracing Wholeness that YOU ARE.

YOU ARE as I AM and I AM as YOU ARE.

I AM simply because YOU ARE.

Photo by Gaetano Cessati on Unsplash

Gregory Miller
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