How To Use Powerful Archetypes To Boost & Balance Your Chakras
Mar 29, 2018

Mercedes Newton
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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While visiting Sedona this summer, I got inspired to create this Chakra Archetype Meditation for you.

My goal was to create a hypnotic meditation that would help you step fully into both your feminine and masculine power. Obviously these two types of power are very different. Masculine power focuses on individuality, goal-orientation, and external accomplishment, while feminine power is based on connection, receptivity, and universal co-creation. Clearly, to truly succeed and be fulfilled, you need both types of power, which means you need to truly balance your chakras.

That’s why Tony Robbins often refers to two aspects of life — “the science of achievement” and “the art of fulfillment.”

What most people don’t know is that these two sides of you reside quite clearly in your bodily energy centers known as your chakras. You have seven of them that move up your spinal column from your tailbone to your crown. The odd chakras represent your masculine side and the even chakras are related to your feminine side.

Delving into your chakra archetypes is a great way to access both your feminine and masculine power.


Your first chakra in your tailbone is masculine and related to grounding, safety, and stability. The archetype here is that of The Strong Father.

Your second chakra in your pelvis is feminine and is all about sensuality, sexuality, pleasure and ease. Here, the archetype is The Seductress.

Your third chakra in your solar plexus is masculine and related to power, courage and aggression. The archetype here is The Warrior.

Your fourth chakra is in your heart center and is all about love, healing, compassion and connection. The archetype here is The Loving Mother.

Your fifth chakra is in your throat and it pertains to your authenticity, self-expression and life purpose. The archetype here is The Great Leader.

Your sixth chakra is in your 3rd eye center and related to your intuition, vision and psychic abilities. The archetype here is The Wise Intuitive.

Your seventh chakra is above the crown and represents the unification of all parts of yourself. Here, all the archetypes come together and you become one with Spirit; one with everything.

This powerful meditation will help you integrate all the amazing archetypes that live within you, so you can call on whichever you need at any time. And if you want to add to the power of this meditation, wear one of my Chakra Boosters Healing Tattoos for the chakra archetype you want to call in. Chakra Boosters have now been worn for chakra empowerment in more than 25 countries.

by Vicki Howie For Conscious Life News

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Mindfulness meditation
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Brain Optimization Guided Meditation

This service is perfectly suited for those who are looking for individual single sessions to reduce their immediate levels of anxiety that causes lack of concentration, focus, sleep disorders, incapacity to take proper personal or professional decisions, as well as hyper activity originated by their excess of work related stress.

At the same time, this online session is indicated to those with depressive symptoms, lack of self-steam, as well as mental, emotional, and physical exhaustion, helping to align their body, mind, emotions and soul, as well as to increase self confidence.

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Mindfulness meditation
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Personalised Meditation

This includes:
One 30 minute consultation call to explore hopes, needs, likes and dislikes.
One audio file meditation to keep, max 60min
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Optional* Sample bottles of recommended essential oil based on consultation

Who is this for?

Are you looking for a mindful meditation with all the things you like about meditation and non of the things you don’t?

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Follwoing our consultation I will create your perfect mediation, one that you will use and go back to time and time again. No one meditiation is the same, because no one person is the same!

These are a joy to create and I cant wait to support you with yours!

Nicole H.R
Third Eye Meditation
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Third Eye Meditation Practice

During our online meeting, I will guide you through a meditation session for you to have a Third Eye perception experience. You do not need to know how to meditate prior to this session. You do not need to have any special gifts or abilities. Everyone has the potential ability to experience a non-3D experience.

I will use my shamanic practices to help you enter that state, where you can perceive with your Third Eye. I will be doing some blessing and energy work in the background to help you perceive with your Third Eye.

All you need is a desire to experience Third Eye perception and to have questions. Questions towards yourself, towards anybody and anything, and regarding whatever you are curious about.

Once you have had your Third Eye perception experience, it will be easier to continue developing it on your own.

It is my intention to leave you with a personalized set of tools for you to be able to continue to practice and develop your Third Eye perception on your own after our session.

I recommend having at least one question ready for our meditation session. It could be something you wanted to ask from your higher self/your soul, your guides, or just to get more information on a particular topic of your interest.

Developing my Third Eye perception has been one of the most exciting things in my life. I want to share this ability with you so that you too can start your amazing Third Eye journey of this lifetime.

Remember, the experience you seek is also seeking you!

  • Please make an appointment with me at least one day in advance. Thank you.
Olga Aydınoğlu
Guided Meditation
$10 USD
coaching session
[Discounted] 1-on-1 Coaching: Experience The Enlightened Self

During this 60 minute 1-on-1 coaching session, you are paying for my undivided attention, not the onset of Enlightenment, which is freely available on my website via a prerecorded audio instructional.

My recommendation is to experience the proof of a truly Enlightening Experience of Freedom, first; then book direct coaching, should you feel the need for an in depth and personalized clarification as to how this experience can be embodied in every moment of your waking life.

Otherwise, leave a review and continue to practice it daily, before getting too involved in the day.

The result of sufficient understanding, which can happen intuitively with patient self-inquire, or rapidly with direct coaching is the ongoing experience of peace, love and joy; plus the removal of all doubt & sorrow as you progress through your own sanctification unto full Liberation.

At present, I do have a book in the works that will clarify 100% of what needs to be known to secure Enlightenment for the average person, but that work will not be readily available until later this year (2022).

I look forward to directly introducing you to The Kingdom, within.

Hallelujah, forevermore.


This $10 service is only applicable if you consent to allowing me to record the meditation and conversation so as to use it as content in later publications. If you do not consent, please select the alternative, $150 option.

Michael Smith

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