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How To Stop Overthinking And Live In The Moment

May 25, 2024
Rahma Monsef
Core Spirit member since Mar 21, 2023
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Overthinking about how to stop overthinking? That’s new but curable. Overthinking is a disadvantage, even if some try to make it seem beneficial. The classic "I need to plan things" is just an excuse. Planning things repeatedly is overthinking. Analyzing a situation excessively is overthinking. Let’s learn how to get things done, like planning and analyzing, without overthinking.

What Is Overthinking?

Let’s try to understand the phenomenon to beat it. The term "overthinking" describes the habit of thinking ineffectively and repeatedly.

Steps To Analyze Without Overthinking

Ever found yourself replaying what you did with friends after getting home? Try to stop for a second and ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is it beneficial that I am thinking about this? Beneficial for what cause exactly?
  2. Is it necessary to think about this?
  3. Is thinking about this going to cause me to learn or to just blame myself?
  4. (If it’s in the past) Can I fix it?
    After answering these questions, you will be able to define if you’re overthinking or not. It’s even better if you can write the answers down. Writing it on a piece of paper will make everything get sorted out easily.

Steps To Get Planning Done

How to get the planning done without overthinking? One word: Journal.
It’s easy when you realize that the secret is to get your brain and body working, but in a beneficial way.

Here’s A Step-By-Step Guide To Get What’s Ever On Your Mind Organized Just In Time:

Get yourself a pen and a notebook.
Date the page first.
Then I like to start with how my day went, to analyze every thought and interaction in no time. After that, it seamlessly takes me to the issue without enforcing it. However, if you would like to start writing about a certain issue right after dating the page that’s completely fine. No rules.
Personally, when there’s a problem I write about how I’m feeling. And once I’m done, I like to draw a timeline. How the issue started —> the current situation that I’m in —> the future (how I’m going to deal with it + how I can fix it).

How To Live In The Moment

One of the things that stops us from living in the moment is The urge to imagine scenarios.
It’s a waste of time. We humans love to procrastinate. So try to fight the urge to imagine these scenarios or think about what can go wrong. Actually, by thinking about what can go wrong you attract it. It’s science. So not thinking about it saves you time and humiliation.
Beat the thoughts.
Remember that you have self-discipline. Try to keep in mind that you committed to not letting yourself fall for this trap once again. Ignoring the advice you give yourself can be one of the things that ruin one's sense of self-worth. Hence, if you’ve promised not to do something and you do it, it’s because you lack self-respect. Therefore, make an effort to view this from a wider angle. It's more than just a fleeting feeling of joy.


Play sports. Get your body moving and sweat. Take up a sport that causes you to reflect on it.

Meditate Often

Pray, and reconnect with God. and nature. Focus on your breathing. Concentrate. Personally, I pull out my coloring book whenever things are messed up. We must occasionally treat ourselves with kindness and care.

In conclusion, overcoming overthinking and embracing the present moment is achievable with mindful practices. Understand the nature of overthinking, differentiate it from productive planning, and ask yourself critical questions to stay grounded. Use journaling to organize your thoughts and resist dwelling on the past or imagining future scenarios. Instead, focus on activities that promote well-being, like exercising, meditating, and engaging in creative pursuits. By practicing self-discipline and self-respect, you can break free from overthinking and live more fully in the moment.

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