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How to fall back in love with yourself

Apr 21, 2021
Core Spirit member since Mar 4, 2021
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We live in an era where information over floods us. We have no idea anymore how to filter everything ,what’s important and what’s not. We live in constant fear because a we have the tendency to listen to everyone around us and when we don’t have a strong self-awareness then this lack of proper education leads us to panic and angst. Whether it’s friends or family or mass media it’s always hard to tell the difference. So living in this constant blurriness is in some matter understandable. But the thing is that this also affects us negatively whether we speak about mental health or our physical health it’s all tied up together so we have to be really really careful about how we treat ourselves and how we treat our mind ,because as the saying goes what you put in your head every single day, you will become. So every thought that you think ,every desire, every dream that you have will transform in reality in someway or another. So always be careful with yourself and your thoughts ,it’s not easy but you can overcome this constant fear and panic . Especially during this hard times when a pandemic hit us globally, it’s even harder to maintain a normal mental health because we are being flooded with information about disease and about an unsecure future regarding our health and way of living.Yes this is scary stuff but nevertheless the more we know the more we can filter and every one of us filters information that they hear or read differently ,and here is exactly the point of this topic. Everything gets filtered by a certain standard ,either it’s our background our way of living so far and the environment in which we live. Day in and day out we put a major pressure on ourselves and in our minds and this can really lead to serious mental health problems and if the brain doesn’t function normally then the body follows because the brain is the most important organ in our body. It needs to be fed with the right kind of “food”.Positive thoughts ,optimism ,social engagement ,family ,emotions ,they all play a major part in this aspect of brain health. And of course it all rounds up to our diet as well . These two major components are the basics of everything. So instead of panicking and seeing the world with feared eyes, take a moment to breathe relax and start thinking about yourself again. Because when you put yourself first again things begin to shift ,what you think is what you attract, and it all works in a specific way . It’s all a matter of how to manifest this things ,because if you constantly think that you’re going to lose everything then unfortunately this will happen at a certain point ,but if you start to look at things from a more positive way then the shift will happen. If you want to attract love, compassion ,empathy ,health ,abundance ,you have to think of this things, and that you are worthy of them. Because you are. Society has a funny way of showing and telling us that we have to live by certain standards ,but the truth is we don’t .

We can choose our own way ,how we want to live and what legacy we wish to leave behind. If you have a dream to live longer than 80 years old ,then by all means make it a goal and do the work that is required for it . Set a plan in motion and work on it every single day ,because actions are more important then words. It’s not enough to just plan for it and write it down, you have to take action for everything that you decide to do ,every dream can become a real goal in life as long as you want it hard enough. So instead of thinking ,Oh ,I’m too old I can’t do that ,switch your mindset and say , Oh ,but I can, just not yet ,but I will definitely try again tomorrow.

And so every action can turn into a habit ,and every habit turns into a way of living and this my friend is what you need to strive for.

So show yourself some love today ,tomorrow and always because you only live every single day of your entire life so make it worth your while.

Laugh more ,love more ,give more and all of this will come back to you tenfold.

Have an amazing healthy and long happy life , because you deserve it.

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