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How Sound Society Has More Influence On Sound Humans Than Others

Mar 12, 2023
Philip Ebuluofor
Core Spirit member since Jan 31, 2023
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Everywhere you turned to, you see the answer to the same route to greatness. Acting before others and asking more questions than others.

Both seem to be truly routed to greatness when you are in the midst of progressive like-minded people and the right society. Especially organized society which usually harbors majority of sound minds.

I think that most leaders should strive to create sound societies where things follow organized ways of doing things instead of trying to create sound humans. A disorganized society can never harbor organized humans in majority. It is practically impossible. The influence of society on those in it can not be denied. Some believed that it is the other way around but to me, it is not.

I have been thinking about the influence society has on people using where I am as a yardstick, I found out that people here don’t even realize what a decade means in the lives of people, especially those that turned into adults within a decade. For example, if those that turned into adults within a decade were fifty, only ten percent if not less escaped the influence of society on them the other ninety is captured by the society positively or negatively. A ten years old kid today will be an adult in next ten years. Even a parent.

In an organized society where people value positivity, acting first and asking a lot of questions works but in one where the survival of the fittest is seen as the wisdom route to greatness. Where Physical strengths, connections, is rated as wisdom, how are you going to start asking correct questions without appearing stupid or getting correct answers when you do? You will be benched and given next month’s appointment if you are well dressed and by well I mean neatly dressed for many of us here, society has influenced our dressing codes too.

Choir people and graduates, mechanics and mad people. Lawyers and bankers etc. Excess confusions if you get the gist.

An organized society produces organized humans in large numbers and organized humans in large numbers influence society positively not the other way around. More of anything begets more of that thing.

Acting first and asking more questions than others works to some degree in a disorganized society and not to any significant degree.

Discrimination is the norm of any society, touts are in control of events in and their ways are always “anything goes” ways. Their unsympathetic way of handling things are what we’re witnessing today here in Nigeria in the name of exchange of money. They collect your money and refuses to give you back the new one. Meaning they are intentionally starving the people. You will even start wondering like many if the country is selected for any test run on the reactions of the people when money is not in circulation or the society so fucked up to this extent?

Most of the said disorganized society is not all that difficult to organize. The same ten years gap can do the work if as a leader you are serious about doing so at your own risk or stupidity as viewed here. Taken my society as an example once more, what led to the suffering people are passing through now in the new currency exchange going on here and the true WHY behind it, would have been stopped two years ago but those that benefited from disorganized society went all out to shed the blood of those that wanted to stop it.

Imagine the risk involved in trying to put wrong right. Death sentence from those wielding the swords of demagogues bent on making sure that the right questions are not asked and right people don’t act first.

The police force and religious sector have more influence in society than schools and those citizens of demagogue knew that once the two are in their kitty, society is. Capture them, you would have captured the whole nation.

With them in control, you act first when their influence and property are not threatened and shape your mouth when asking a lot of questions or…

So, it is of great importance if you are keen in building sound society to make sure that things like queuing up, traffic light laws, driving under the influence of alcohol, right of the females, and those things rated as insignificant in societies like mine are handled with honesty and integrity and if you can be able to make most people queue up for something with the patient and it becomesa on a norm and normal to them, you would have succeeded in building sound society that molds sound humans. It is not always easy when you want to go through the other way around.

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