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How on earth do I eat intuitively?
Oct 23, 2020

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Intuitive eating is asking your body what it wants, understanding the energetics behind it and nourishing it with pure love and trust.

The most difficult question becomes- is that my ego or my intuition?

This is where the science of Ayurveda gifts us with the knowledge of energetics.

Let’s keep is plain and simple.

Ask your body what it wants

Lean in to the energetics behind the food.

How will it make me feel? What is my body seeking to feel like after? Do both of these align?

Nourish your body with ultimate love and trust.

If it doesn’t settle well in your body, it is not the end of the world! You have 3-4 hours until the next meal to experiment again <3.

The science of Ayurveda gifts us with in depth knowledge of the five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether.

These elements reside in all living things especially our food!

An important part of intuitive eating is aligning the energetics of our food with our inner intuition (our golden compass!) ✨✨✨

Let’s take a look at the Intuitive Food Map.

🌳Earth- Feeling of grounded, nourishment and mild sedation

Food example: Root Veggies

🐳Water- Feeling of grounded, lubrication and creative flow

Food Example: Nourishing Soups

🔥Fire- Feeling of heat, motivation and metabolization

Food Example: Squeeze of lemon or lime

🌪Air- Feeling of movement, inspiration and freedom

Food Example: Cruciferous Veggies

🌫Ether- Feeling of subtle wisdom, space and connectedness

Food Example: All spices! Cumin, Coriander and Fennel

SO next time your intuition is craving any of the above feelings, try incorporating a food example that pairs with the energetics.

Have fun with it! 😚

Remember, food is just ONE way we can take in the energetics. There is an infinite amount of ways we can connect to our golden compass.

Do you want intuitive eating to be your everyday thang? Apply for the Sacred Ayurvedic Cleanse to learn the art of intuitive eating, so every meal leaves you feeling satisated and blissed outttt.✌🏼

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