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How crystals can help shift stubborn energy

Mar 29, 2018
Lucas Brady
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
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As a child, I remember my mother telling me about the healing power of crystals. I laughed it off and thought nothing about it until around about five years ago when visiting the British town of Glastonbury.

For those of you who don’t know Glastonbury Town, not to be confused with the festival, is the spiritual capital of Europe. The streets are full of wonderful hippy shops, and you can find every kind of alternative healing method under the sun in this place. It also has great crystal shops!

Back then I was single, and my wish was to meet my true love. A friend of mine suggested getting a crystal and also doing affirmations, daily. I had nothing to lose so off we went crystal shopping!

My understanding of crystals is that they drawing out the negative energy in the body. I like to think of them as spiritual vacuums. The science part is that everything is made up of vibrations. Crystals have the ability to harmonise and transform energy into better vibrations.

There is a great book called The Book of Stones which gives in-depth information about every crystal. Surprisingly crystal healing isn’t a new thing; ancient civilizations used it too!

I purchased a Rose quartz and kept it near me for a few months. Not long after, I met my long term partner.

I’m not saying it was just the crystal but between the affirmations and the crystals, something shifted. Here are my top three favourite crystals and how they can help:

Rose Quartz

Good for healing a broken heart and attracting love. Try wearing it on a necklace or keeping it by your pillow.


Fantastic for harmonising. A brilliant one to have on your work desk and in your home as it helps to enhance and purify environments.


I use this one when I need protection, grounding and to release the past. A good exercise is to hold it in your hands so it can suck out any negativity. Cleanse the stone afterwards in cold water and dry.

by Janey Bowyer For Daily News Services

Lucas Brady
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