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How Color Therapy Can Heal Your Body and Mind

Feb 4, 2018
Jacqueline Stanley
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We all know that light is composed of colors. Along with colors, light also consists of chemical and emotional elements since it emits heat, electricity and magnetism. Thus, light, along with its component colors, can be used for healing the mind, body and spirit. This is the basic principle behind Chromotherapy or color therapy.

Different colors have different effects on the mind and body. Today, there is enough evidence that has documented these organic reactions in the flora and fauna of earth. The potencies and qualities of every object are determined by the color of that object. Even the language we humans use denotes this, for example:

Pink of health

Monday morning blues

Green with envy

Chromotherapy for the mind and spirit

According to author Carol Jackson, in her book “Color Me Beautiful”, chromotherapy or color therapy, can be used to enhance one’s mind and spirit. She gives the example of how certain colors used in one’s attire can help bring out the color of the wearer’s eyes ,hair etc. Since some colors help flatter and compliment us, we naturally feel more confident wearing them. By choosing a color palette that suits our personality, we can actually perform better in professional and personal lives.

Today, there is enough scientific evidence that shows how we respond emotionally and psychologically to colors. Even in the past; artists like Rembrandt and Michelangelo used colors to symbolically convey messages in their paintings. Likewise, modern color therapy is known to stimulate emotions and feelings such as:

1. Vitality and passion (Red)

2. Optimism and expansion (Orange)

3. Healing and growth (Green)

4. Joy and Creativity (Yellow)

Color Therapy for the body

Chromotherapy, when used for healing the body, utilizes colors based on their electrical and heating properties. Some colors actually cool and soothe the nerves (e.g. dark-violet, indigo etc) while some can excite or heat the blood (e.g. red-orange or dark red etc).

Let us see a few examples of chromotherapy for healing the body:

Red, in color therapy, is used to stimulate and increase the action of arterial blood. Hence, drugs which are red, such as Capsicum, cloves, balsam of Peru, red cedar and musk etc are used for stimulating oxygen in the blood. Likewise, red glass or red paint used in rooms can be used for exciting and cheering patients. Red colored baths and red light therapy have actually helped patients recover from complete paralytic state.

Yellow drugs are mainly emetics. Indian hemp, Blood root, May apple and Senna etc are a few laxatives and purgatives that are yellow or yellow-red in color. Yellow sunlight can be enhanced through yellow glass to help treat patients suffering from chronic bronchial irritation and colds etc. Drinking water stored in yellow wine bottles is known to help treat severe constipation.

Blue and violet colors have cooling and electrical properties. Drugs like belladonna, aconite, foxglove, ergot etc are used to treat diarrhea, delirium and diuresis that are a result of overheating of the body. Green tea is actually a mix of blue and yellow and is known for its antioxidant and astringent properties that help boost immunity. Blue light color therapy has helped heal sciatica, and even complex case of lung hemorrhage. Blue and white used together in chromotherapy has helped heal rheumatism, nervousness and invalidism where conventional medical treatments have failed.

Best colors used in Chromotherapy to heal different body parts

Brain and nerves: Nerve soothing colors like blue, violet and indigo.

Neck and thorax: Cobalt blue for its cooling and heating properties.

Digestive disorders: Red and yellow to stimulate digestive juices as well as blue and violet to stimulate saliva.

Lower limb disorders: Warm colors like orange and orange red.

Caution and contraindications of chromotherapy

Colors can heal, but they can also have injurious and disastrous effects. For example, when the nerves are over-excited or irritable, or when a patient is suffering from palpitations, high fever, inflammation and neuralgia etc, yellow or orange reddish tones must not be used. Similarly, blue, indigo and violet must be avoided in cases of paralysis, gout, rheumatism or cold etc as these colors are extremely cooling and constructive in nature.

In conclusion

Color therapy or chromotherapy is one of the most ancient healing therapies that have been used in several parts of the world. When used right, it can help harness the energy of the sunlight to boost natural healing ability of the body, not only to cure diseases but also prevent them.

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