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How are the natural elements related to the human soul?

Mar 26, 2021
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ow are the natural elements related to the human soul?

At the heart of transpersonal psychotherapy is the identification of the “soul nature” of a person.

Why is this important? Identifying the “soul nature” of a person will allow the specialist to understand the character of the patient, calculate his strengths and weaknesses.

Sigmund Freud, using this psychotherapy, identified various pathologies and diseases, such as:

1. Depression

2. Obsession

3. Schizoid state

4. Hysteria

Carl Jung, in his work with clients, identified several personalities by which he divided people:

1. Feeling

2. The Thinker

3. Intuitive

4. Sensate

Practitioners of transpersonal psychology try to understand the client’s various personal traits through their personal inner nature and determine their type of soul.

What is remarkable is that the nature of the human soul is closely related to the four main natural elements:

1. Earth-calm and down-to-earth

2. Fire-resistant and strong

3. Water-caring and creative

4. Air-insightful and intelligent

The higher Self, the spirit, is the fifth element, the ideal of which people are trying to achieve. Specialists use the mechanisms of creative and emotional interaction associated with meditation in their communication with patients.

Understanding the inner nature of the soul helps clients understand themselves, their essence. This gives a person a sense of confidence, irreplaceable knowledge for life.

Because of various negative external factors, such as toxic relationships, addictions, incompetent practices, psychological trauma, people lose themselves, and with it-their ideal Self.

To do this, you need to select experienced, competent, compassionate specialists who will help you find yourself and your path, and finally start living the life that you like.

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