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Horn Implants
Mar 17, 2021

Reading time 2 min.

Since the beauty industry develops at extremely high speed body modifications such as tattoos and piercing became a common thing. However, people do not stop looking for ways to shock society and they find new ones constantly.

One of the scariest and more shocking body modifications now is horn implants, technically known as subdermal implants. Steve Haworth is the inventor of such procedure as well as of many other body modifications. For this procedure he also created a new medical instruments called “dermal elevators”. He undertook many experiments with silicone, Teflon and implants to figure out the way to “grow horns” on a person’s forehead. In 1999 he even got his name signed in Guinness Work Record holder as a “most advanced body modification artist.” Steve’s inventions made him extremely famous, especially taking into account the fact that the procedure is surprisingly simple.

First of all, the patience has to decide the size of his horns as on this fact depends how long will the procedure take. Initially, the smallest horns are implanted into the body and then gradually got changed with bigger ones till the desirable size. The reason for that is that human skin needs to adapt for additional space to cover. A dermal separator is used to create a place for the implant, which is put there. And… that’s it. All the care needed is to stay healthy. Actually, sometimes the horns might be rejected by the body (normally when the horn is too big or in a wrong position). Luckily, the implants can be easily removed and the scariest thing that might happen is scars inside and outside you skin.

Of course, we should not forget that there still risks such as migration, nerve pressure, infection because of contamination and so on. The problems are avoidable if the softest material is used to form the horn. The known material that suits best for the procedure is silicone.

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