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Here Is Why You Absolutely Need to Stop Wearing Shoes in Your Home
Mar 29, 2018

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Most health conscious people in the world today realize that living in a bubble of Lysol sprayed ultra-cleanliness isn’t actually beneficial for one’s immune system. After all, your immune system is designed to become stronger from a reasonable amount of exposure to various germs including bacteria. However, like almost everything, balance is the key and there are certain common germs we can easily minimize our exposure to.

Recent Study Reveals A Startling Statistic

A new study from of the University of Houston revealed that 39 percent of sampled shoe soles were contaminated with the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C. diff). It is generally considered a public health threat due to its resistance to a number of conventional antibiotics. C. diff infections can give you severe diarrhea that may lead to colon inflammation and more serious health issues.

“Shoes are contaminated from diverse sources, and we are regularly contaminating our doorsteps by shoes,” says study author M. Jahangir Alam, Ph.D.

Don’t Panic

This shouldn’t be reason to panic as some mainstream media channels may subliminally encourage you to do and it shouldn’t even be considered a public health threat. A better description would be an example of the paradox that is current-day allopathic medicine, especially pharmaceutical antibiotics. If you’re a frequent reader here you may already know that there are several natural alternatives to Big Pharma’s antibiotics that have stood the test of time.

Even if there are ways to treat bacterial infections naturally and effectively, doesn’t it make more sense to take the simple precaution of leaving your shoes at the door like most cultures around the world do?

Moderation is Key

We don’t want to overuse any type of antibiotic, natural or not. It should be treated as a last resort after moderate sanitary living conditions. And remember, that if you do use a powerful antibiotic such as colloidal silver that you should replenish your beneficial gut bacteria with probiotics about an hour afterwards. Antibiotics don’t discriminate. Think of it as nuking your entire system of both good and bad bacteria. You need to replenish the good stuff with probiotics from fermented foods and or capsules to help your immune system regain control.

What Else Are Your Shoes Hiding?

C. diff is just one example of a bacterium that you don’t want to track around your house, especially if you have kids playing on the floor. Most public restroom floors contain about 2 million bacteria per square inch (the average toilet seat only has about 50 per square inch). But if you wouldn’t want your kid or yourself laying on a pubic bathroom floor, why would you want to track that stuff into your house? Besides, shouldn’t your home be your sanctuary away from the outside world?

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