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September 8

Future Life Progression

Reading time 5 min.

Did you know that not only can you travel back in time through Past Life Regression (PLR) but you can also travel forward in time without the aid of a time machine or DeLorean car?

This is what Future Life Progression (FLP) can do, take you five, ten years into the future, or even into a future lifetime. Imagine if you knew five years ago what you know now. What would you have told yourself? How would you have acted or done differently?

You may be thinking why is it helpful to see our future life, surely that is something that is predestined and shouldn’t we be living in the present?

Would it be valuable to save time and money on bad ideas? Have the opportunity to develop abandoned creative ideas or even explore ideas you have not yet thought of? Witness yourself already living your life purpose? Explore your relationships and seen who you should have kept or who you should have let go. See your future home, what courses you should take and so much more. Through working with Future Life Progression I know that when we visit our future we can change our present, and by changing our present we can be in total charge of our destiny. There is nothing in our lives that we can’t change if we know what the outcome will be.

Think about it, everything that you do in your present creates your future so if you change your decisions or behaviour now this will create the best possible future for you.

So how does this work? Well did you know that science has proven that only 5% of the thoughts we have on a daily basis come from our conscious mind and that 95% are coming from our subconscious mind. So if we want to make significant positive changes, then the best way to do this is to go beyond the critical/conscious part of our mind and change the thought pattern while in an altered state of consciousness by connecting with our higher selves or source.

During a Future Life Progression you are guided to relax your mind and body and get it into a theta state (just think about when driving and you suddenly find yourself at the end of your journey but you don’t remember getting there, knowing that you must have stopped at traffic lights and given way to other traffic) this is what scientists call ‘consciously slipping into a state of deep relaxation while remaining conscious.

Once you are taken into your future whether five years, ten years or a future lifetime you may experience this as a vision, a physical experience or a knowing depending on your most dominant sense. The three most dominant ones are sight, hearing or feeling (knowing) though you still experience the others just in different strengths.

But you may be thinking what if five years in the future my life hasn’t changed and I’m still in the same job, relationship or I still don’t know my life purpose?

If that is the case then we explore why things haven’t changed and what opportunities you may have missed or things you haven’t done. We can then go ten years in the future, and by then especially with the knowledge you picked up at five years, you see your life changed for the better. You then bring everything you learnt back to the present and start making the changes, so that within five years time you have changed your life.

Let’s say you are looking for a new career and are offered two jobs, but don’t know which one to take, as both seem equally good.

We would take you five years into the future in the first job, and you would explore that and see how things are. We would then come back to the present and go five years into the future with the second job, and you would explore that and see how things are there.

Maybe the first job provides a really good salary but you have no home-life, and are stressed out. The second job may show you with a smaller, or similar, salary, but you are happier with a homelife. Chances are you would take the second job.

But, what we would then do is take you to a third possibility in five years, the most perfect job for you. You may find you are doing something you never thought of, or the same career but with a different company, and life is much better than the first two. Would you take the second job or start looking for the third?

Once you have visited your future, experienced it, and even talked to your future self, you will have gained insight and knowledge. Bring back that wisdom and energy into the present, and start taking control of your destiny. You no longer need to worry about the future because you’ve seen it, and can create it much sooner than the future, now, in the present.

Visit Your Future Life Time

You can record this if you want remembering to read it slowly without rushing.

Find a comfortable place to sit where you won’t be disturbed or distracted and make sure all electronic devices are switched off.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath in giving yourself permission to relax and on the out breath just letting go of anything that doesn’t need to be in that space. Allow your breathing to settle with every in breath relaxing you more and every out breath letting go of anything that doesn’t need to be in this space.

Imagine a beautiful golden light of relaxation above your head and bring this golden light into your body filling it up completely.

Now look at the back of your closed eyelids like watching a TV screen and you will automatically start relaxing more. Think about relaxing all your muscles starting with your head, moving down to your neck, your shoulders, your arms to your fingers, move to your chest, stomach, back, hips, buttocks, pelvis, legs to your toes and feel how wonderful it is to be this totally relaxed.

Now imagine you are outside a beautiful mansion at the top of 5 steps leading down into a beautiful garden full of the most wonderful flowers you have ever seen. Know that as you walk down these 5 steps with each descending number you will go deeper into relaxation each step down relaxing you more, so now take a step down 5, going further down 4, further down 3, further down 2, further down 1 and step off into this wonderful garden.

Take a moment to smell the perfume of the flowers, feel the warmth of the sun on your shoulders, a gentle breeze lightly cooling your skin, as you now start to walk through the garden heading towards a beautiful river at the edge of the garden feeling more relaxed with each step. As you reach the river you realise that this is a river of ever flowing time and know that as you walk along the side of the river following the water that it will take you forward in time, forward in time to your next life time where you will be able to see and experience what you are doing.

So walking along the river now moving forwards in time, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 40 years, 50 years, 60 years, 70 years, 80 years, 90 years, 100 years maybe even further in time until you reach your next life time.

As you reach that time just take a moment to orientate yourself and get a sense of who you are and where you are. Are you male or female? What do you look like? What are you doing? Where are you living? Spend some time exploring this life time.

Once you have learnt all you need to know then it’s time to come back to this life time remembering everything you have learnt.

So now see yourself back at the bottom of the 5 stairs leading from the garden to the mansion and start walking up the stairs each ascending number bringing you fully back into the present. Walking up the stairs 1, coming further up the stairs 2, further up the stairs start to wiggle your fingers and toes, further up the stairs 4 all the way to the top of the stairs, 5 fully back fully present, open your eyes feeling fully refreshed remembering your journey.


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