Free will is your power
Oct 16, 2020

If there is one thing you will always have with you in life it is the power of choice. No one or nothing can take away your free will, it’s a gift that holds immense power, but we seem to take it for granted many times.

Life happens, thoughts fly all over the place. With flying thoughts come fleeting and intense emotions it’s safe to say every day starts feeling like a rollercoaster ride.

My spiritual journey like many others started in a stressful period. I was experiencing suffering and pain that slowly turned out to be so uncomfortable that I had to look for anything to make my mind shut up.

The discovery of choice surprised me. I know it’s strange since we all consciously know we have free will, but if you think about it, how many that you know do actually use their free will to live a wholesome life? And how many use their free will to put their mind at ease when life turns rough? Not many will take the time to learn how to choose their thoughts. Now don’t get me wrong I am not at all talking about spiritual bypassing here. The way I see spiritual bypassing is like trying to take e shortcut but arriving at the same place you started. The intention was good but it backfired.

Also, I’m not talking about gaslighting yourself either, you can’t exactly lie to yourself. I am talking about the little pause we have between each thought. Those little moments of silence and peace, we never let ourselves explore more because.. life right?

But what is life? Is life living from the outside in? Are we awaiting the next grand thing to happen to us so that we give ourselves the freedom to be happy? If you ask me, friends, we can’t ever change anything if we don’t stop and be curious enough to become aware of it first. Stopping to question your thoughts is important for our happiness.

Doing this makes us dis-identify with our thoughts and so they don’t influence us as much. We start watching the thoughts like on a screen and from that point, we can use this gift of free will to choose. Is it a thought I want to keep and believe in? Or what can I put my focus on so it brings me peace instead of stress? The more we practice the better we get. It’s like training a muscle the stronger it gets the better.

Like I mentioned and have written about before. Using free will is not to run away from negative emotions. But it’s the same thing here really. When we embrace an emotion, it is like taking control over it and owning it, validating it for what it is just like we would with a child. When the emotion our unconditional presence directed at it, it melts away the rough edges.

So whenever life starts feeling too messy and you find yourself in a spiral, remember your creator nature and the power of choice. From that point, you get to decide.

And for those of us that tend to be chronic worriers, I know telling you to not worry just makes you want to punch me I know I have that aspect of myself too. Instead, if you absolutely feel the need to worry tell yourself you will set up a time and when that time comes, worry like you never did before. Most of the time you will find you’ve forgotten all about it. If something bad would happen, trust me it will happen whether you worry or not so why not try finding peace in the meantime and IF that bad thing happens, well at least you have your peace to deal with it.

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