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Words Hold Power!

May 9, 2020
Reading time 4 min.

Fear… it’s a conditioned response that has allowed us to survive since the dawn of time! But now, in this climate, fear has taken hold of our common sense and its wreaking havoc on our daily lives, with business and especially our emotions.

We all recognize what’s currently happening around the globe. We’ve watched the news, read some articles (both factual and fake) and we all have an opinion about it.

(I genuinely hope you are safe and taking precautions to remain healthy. THAT is the most important thing!)

Fear creates a lot of doubt and uncertainty. It’s 100% natural and understandable. Nobody REALLY knows what will happen. Do we?

That’s not what this article is about, though. This is about our perspective and how we impact our world! I believe in times like this that we all need to can focus a little more on others. Ask yourself - Where can I provide VALUE where others need it most?

Whatever you decide to do, it probably won’t change the world, but it can impact just ONE other person around you in a positive way… and that’s worth it! When we take the focus off ourselves and reach out to help others around us – we actually help ourselves! Let’s show humanity the best of what we’re capable of, YES?

Okay, here is the easiest way to make a huge impact on others and most importantly, yourself…


When we change our language, we change our thinking. When we change our thinking, we change our reality. When we become ‘awake’ to our language, we utilize a powerful tool (the unconscious mind) in programming the other 90% of our brain. You become fully potentialized out of your limitations and into the world of possibilities.

We create the world of our experiences, literally through our thinking. Our thinking is symbolized by the words used in our internal self-talk and in our conversational language. The words we choose provide a window into our beliefs, values and perspectives on the strategies that influence our lives.

As we speak words, millions of neurosynaptic responses are being fired off in our nervous system to create emotions. From these emotions we respond to others and the world around us. Both our internal self-talk and our conversational speaking help create our emotional states. When we learn to master our language, we control our emotions. Begin now! Make it your task in life to become fully aware of the language you choose to create and shape the world around you!

“Master Your Emotions, Master Your Life!”

Words hold power! Each word carries with it images, sounds and feelings. Because of this, our subconscious takes our language literally and personally. As we speak, we are programming our subconscious each and every moment.

The challenge is this: We are completely unaware of how the words we choose penetrate our health, outcomes and behaviors to ourselves and others. The words that empower us most are those that propel us towards the results we desire. This is when we are held responsible for our choices.

If you want to truly impact your world, others you interact with, and your business, begin to become AWARE of the internal language you use to create and shape your world! The CHOICE to change your language will have the largest, generative effect on your thinking and behavior than any other means of personal power development.

Words of disempowerment keep us stuck, and the use of empowering language will upgrade our mental outlook and those of others…

My favorite seven examples are:


Decide My choice is

I would, could I will, can

I can’t I can, I will

Try I will, or won’t

It’s a problem It’s a challenge

I should I will, I choose to

I don’t know I choose to find out

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John James Santangelo PhD is an NLP trainer, results coach, author and professional speaker, a skilled expert in communication skills and behavioral programming, also founder of Los Angeles Premiere NLP Training Center.

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