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Jun 19, 2020

Further my article on day Thirteen…RECOGNISING THE EFFECT OF THE LAW:

The effects of the Laws of the Universe can be analysed from two standpoints: either from the ego or from understanding.

If we look at life from the ego, we take ourselves outside the Law to the “I want”: “I want others to change, I want things to happen the way I want them to, I want everything that I need, all that I don’t have”.

If on the other hand, we look at life from understanding or wisdom, we flow with the Law, and our approach is that of “I need”: “I need everything I have”.


To let ourselves and others go means recognising these four points:

1. When there is nothing I WANT, I am following the order of the Law.

2. I don’t SEEK anything because I know that what I need is there and I can make use of it.

3. I do not EXPECT anything, because I have satisfaction.

4. I do not ASK for anything. When we ask for something it is because we do not value what we have, the only thing we should ask for is INFORMATION!

We must let ourselves be guided and also let go of others, not try and control them. Let’s go with the flow with life instead of putting up resistance to it.

To do that we must give up the “I want”, “I seek” and “I ask for”.

It is a matter of working on two things: INQUIRY – which is not the same as seeking and ACTING – with these two tools everything we need will come to us, and what comes to us we must value.

That is all we need to do!

When we ask life, life will either say “Yes” to us – by providing us with what we desire -, or “No” – what we desire will be blocked and we will find it impossible .

If the answer if “No, then the best thing is for us to give it up, and if the answer is “Yes”, we take it and act. When we do not want anything, our inner self drives us to be obedient with the Law, to direct our lives wisely to satisfy our needs; it leads us to know the Law.

When we do not want anything, we are giving a service of Love, because instead of asking or wishing for things what we do is Act. In this way we lead ourselves towards WISDOM.

Humility is an inner virtue that is expressed when someone is able to admit a mistake, learn from it, apologise as necessary and consider everyone as valuable as themselves, even if they are in different positions.

Not seeking things leads us to t ranquillity and inner peace, by eliminating expectations from our lives. By not expecting anything, we are imperturbable; and by not asking for anything, our lives become perfect because we can flow with the order of the Universe.

When someone does that, they recognise and accept what life gives them, and the Universe give us everything we need. We should not suffer life, but enjoy it. We should recognise that we can choose and act with the options that life offers us. Life always presents us with options; it is just that sometimes we do not take them because they do not agree with our ego.

We always have everything we need to be happy; Let us value what we have and will receive more.

When we do not seek anything, we keep our life’s goal in mind, without questioning destiny because we are not looking for anything else than what we have; life always gives us what is necessary for to utilise.

When we act from what we truly need we are not asking for the circumstances of the Universe to change, but are respecting individual and collective processes and setting an example of neutrality and understanding.

We will always receive everything we need, but it is essential that we always think the best; that is the wisest approach. We do not need to expect anything, because life will give us what is meant for us.

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