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Fencing 101: All You Need to Know
Jan 29, 2021

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Fencing is probably the most established movement on the planet that is as yet polished, depends on the battle between 2 adversaries with a sword, which has changed significantly after some time as we will see.

History of Fencing

From almost immediately, maybe from the Egyptians or from Ancient Greece the fencing would as of now exist, with inscriptions demonstrating this delineating sword battles between men.

Fencing is presently a game however before, it was substantially more than that. It was a type of battle, it was not something with rules, it was essentially intended to endure.

With the progression of time, the actual swords were likewise switching and wound up showing up totally different sorts of swords.

Since the Middle Ages, around the start of the fifteenth century, schools started to arise which encouraged different strategies and styles to officers so they would turn out to be increasingly more handy with the blade all through Europe. Germany, France and Italy.

The game arose over the long haul and furthermore because of the surrender of the swords with the presence of guns, and in 1896, in the principal current Olympic Games, fencing was one of the games that were available.

From that point forward fencing has been an Olympic methodology with the different varieties (Foil, Epée and Saber) being added after some time just as the interest of ladies in the Olympics.

Fencing Weapons/Swords

The weapons in fencing can change between three forms, each with various qualities and furthermore with various standards in the actual opposition. We should perceive what they are and the contrasts between them.


This is the most well-known weapon for fencing experts, and this is the weapon by which fledglings pick up fencing. It is an adaptable weapon as a result of its adaptability and on the grounds that it is very light (more than the Epée). Measure around 90 centimeters with the cutting edge, actually having the cup (the part that shields the hand from the edge) and the handle.

Customarily this weapon was the solitary weapon utilized by ladies in rivalries, and that reality has changed throughout the long term.

The solitary zone legitimate for the touch is the adversary’s turn.


The blade dissimilar to the Foil and the Saber, is a stiffer weapon and this carries preferred position to higher players and exploits that the most adaptable have in different classifications,

This reality is demonstrated, utilizing its tallness to have a more noteworthy reach. With the Sword, the entire body is legitimate for the assault, so the position ought to be all the more right and not very flexed on the grounds that so the knee is a long ways ahead and this would be an obvious shortcoming of the player.


This weapon is the most adaptable of all, to the point that it nearly resembles a whip when shaken with power and this makes in any event, hindering the edge can twist on your weapon and contact him the equivalent.

The saber matches are very quick and that is the reason it takes a great deal of adroitness and actual capacity. For this as well as on the grounds that dissimilar to the others that solitary tallies the touch with the tip, it can contact with any piece of the edge.

The substantial touch zone is the middle and arms.

Fencing Track

The fencing track estimates 14 meters long and differs somewhere in the range of 1,5 and 2 meters wide. This equivalent track is partitioned into a few zones as you can find in the picture underneath.

It has a half line partitioning the track into two, 7 meters for each side.

At that point there are two watchman lines, every one 2 meters from the middle line.

At the closures of the track, in a territory of 2 meters in length is a region called Signalis, this is generally another tone and fills in as a notice to fencers that they are practically out of the substantial region of the track.

Lastly, after the zone Signals there is the territory of Final Retreat, taking it somewhere in the range of 1,5 and 2 meters and is made of conductive metal.


This is liable for checking whether all plays are legitimate and control all battle, having as fundamental capacities:

Realize the essential guidelines as per the FIE Regulations on the 3 weapons.

Call the fencers on the track.

Direct the match.

Check material, apparel, wellbeing and control marks.

Manage your collaborators.

Maintain control.

Rebuff the flaws.

Give the ringtones.

Current Fencing Combat

An electrical framework is presently used to encourage the official’s capacity by calling attention to when there is a touch by a portion of the fencers (particularly in the foil and the saber), all going through electric flow.

There is an Electronic Device that sits between the official and the court and shows the match time, the score and when there is a touch, illuminating diverse hued lights, consequently demonstrating which was the fencer who made the touch.

This framework works in light of the fact that there are a few reels, like a spool, toward the finish of each finish of the path, which is extending the wires that are appended to the fencer and which send the electric flow.

Since every weapon has distinctive contact zones, the actual dressing likewise shifts marginally, utilizing various sorts of electrical cross section, if the legitimate zone incorporates the legs or arms.

Fencing Equipment

The fencing has a few bits of gear with the goal that it is conceivable to be drilled and a large number of the extraordinary in view of the electrical framework. We will see all the vital hardware for this.


This is made of a durable and fortified texture under the armpits so it shields the fencers from contacts more vicious and consequently dodging any sort of sore. It tends to be of different tones and have the name of the fencer on the back alongside the shortened form of the country.


This is made of interlocking steel wire to ensure the face and top of the fencer. It additionally has a padded part, called Bib, which shields the neck region from contact.


The glove is likewise padded and should go up to at any rate half of the lower arm. Just a glove is utilized in the hand that holds the weapon, and the wire associating the firearm to the retractor passes by to flag when there is a touch.


The shoes ought to be lightweight and have a sole that has great grasp and permits brisk stops and alters of course.


Indeed, even the socks have rules … They should be sufficiently long to be over the knee.

Essential Fencing Rules

We should now show a portion of the fundamental guidelines of fencing:

Prior to putting on the covers, the fencers ought to welcome each other utilizing their swords and afterward welcome the official and the aides. From that point onward, you can put on the veils.

In the Foil and Epée, just the touch with the tip of the weapon is substantial, however when the Saber is utilized, the whole sharp edge can be utilized to accomplish a legitimate touch.

In the event that a fencer loses the weapon during the encounter, on the off chance that it is whoever is assaulting the person who loses it, at that point the other can make a touch (likewise having some consideration) and it will be legitimate. In the event that whoever loses the weapon is the person who is guarding it, at that point as an issue of morals, the battle is stopped and possibly continued when the two fencers are back in situation to battle.

In case of a fencer escaping the rival from the side of the path, he is compelled to withdraw a meter and the battle resumes. In the event that he fled down the path, at that point the fact is given to the adversary.

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