Further to my article on day twenty one…6. THE LAW OF CAUSE AND EFFECT

Everything we do to others will come back to us multiplied; we receive the effect of everything we cause.

Any event that affects the experience of anyone either positively or negatively is not the result of chance or luck, because all the processes of the Universe, without exception, are governed by mathematically exact Laws. Therefore, every result we obtain in life has a specific cause, in the same way as every thought, word or action has an effect on the person it comes from.


Nobody should be judged by their past mistakes, but by their current behaviours. The Law of Cause and Effect is directly related to the Law of Affinity and the Law or Correspondence. 

According to the Law of Affinity, by thinking, we create or maintain a mental structure that is in tune with the minds and circumstances of others who have similar thoughts; that is to say, we attract all that which is similar to our own thoughts.

By the Law of Correspondence, our words and actions are a direct consequence of the way we think, and have an immediate impact on our relationships, our health and our finances, creating the circumstances that match us by our attitude and our behaviour.

By knowing the cause that is the origin of every result that we obtain, the best way of achieving excellent results in our lives is:

• To always think the best of all circumstances and all people;

• To wish everyone the best, particularly those with whom we have had conflicts;

• To accept all the circumstances of life as an opportunity to learn new things;

• To render the best service to others, without restriction and without conditions;

• To always maintain a pleasant and calm attitude;

• To enjoy immensely everything that we do;

• To appreciate deeply everything that we have.

Article byTania Padley