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May 7, 2020

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Unit One: Never underestimate your potential for change

• Learn the secret of making change.

• How you can motivate yourself to work towards your goals?

• How using your imagination will help shape your life.

Never underestimate your power to make changes in your life!

• Everybody has the ability to use their imagination to better their life.

• You can use your imagination to make any changes in your life.

• You can always improve yourself; you simply need to take something away from your thoughts; not add to it, i.e. fear

of failure.

• Your subconscious cannot tell fact from fiction.

• If you tell yourself over and over again ‘you can’t’; it will believe you, and work against you actually achieving success.

You need to reprogramme your mind.

• You need to make positive affirmations.

• Meditate on a daily basis.

• The subconscious will believe you and help you get there!

Your mind is like a magnet that will attract around you, the kind of ‘World That You Believe In’.

• The more you use your imagination, the more you mind will be magnetised to draw around you the ‘kind of world that you want’ - THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

• Dreaming and thinking make ‘possibility a reality”.

• Your imagination will then kick in and start paving a vision of a new future for you, if you do this instead of wasting your time on gap fillers (televisions, social media, etc.)


Question one: What do you find yourself or others telling yourself in a negative; way over and over again?

Question two: If your mind is like a magnet, describe the kind of world that you have drawn in around you.

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