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Embrace Your Mind And Body

Jun 25, 2021
Core Spirit member since May 21, 2021
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I was in M&S on Tuesday looking around the lingerie section and came across a poster with a lady advertising knickers. I was presently surprised that the model had stretch marks. Well done M&S for having 'normal' people on your advertising campaign. It really made me think, that's wonderful that they are not airbrushing any stretch marks out. I have stretch makes on the tops of my legs from when I was 13, I had a growth spurt and I've embraced it as part of me but a lot of people just shy away from it. The same if you have a mummy tummy or mummy pouch, you've had children, your body has made and grown another human inside of you. That's something huge to embrace, not to shy away from it because a certain ad campaign told you not to.

Each and every one of us is different and we all are unique in our own ways. Have a look at what is unique to you and try to embrace it. Say to yourself 'I've got this (insert whatever it is here) and I love it, it is part of me and no one else has this. Its unique to me. It has made me who I am today.'

Its all about training your mind to rethink how you think about your body. Journal your thoughts about your body to begin with and then you can work out how you feel. Just write, there's no right or wrong answer. You just need to write and allow your thoughts to come out of your head and onto paper. Sometimes it doesn't even have to make any sense, just let it flow from your head. It might also come out as doodles or some other way. Whatever it is, let your body and mind do the work so you can concentrate on loving yourself first and you can then start to heal quicker by using this method. It really is about training your mind to be kinder to itself and learning to love and embrace you for you. You are unique is every single way. So embrace it.

Let me know what you don't like about your own body by leaving a comment below as I would love to help you on your own journey to healing

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