How Sleep Can Impact Your Relationship
Dec 22, 2019

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Although it may seem like a benefit to be able to sleep in the same bed as your loved one, it can also cause many problems if you are not sleep compatible. Here are some of the most common issues, and how to solve them so you and your partner can get a good night’s rest.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a huge culprit for couples who sleep together. It can be incredibly frustrating for the person who has to listen to the snoring every night. Luckily, there are many solutions for snoring, such as putting a tennis ball in your partner’s pajamas to keep them from sleeping on their back, or nose plugs that help to create more airflow. If your partner’s snoring is persistent and accompanied by lack of breathing, it may be a good idea to visit a doctor that specializes in sleep apnea, which can be a dangerous condition if left untreated. Sometimes having a machine is a solution that will help both of your sleep quality.

Faulty Mattress

The quality of your mattress may be the culprit for waking up feeling unrested or with sore muscles. Depending on what you need, there are a variety of different mattress materials that vary in thickness, firmness, material, and price range. There are even mattresses that can be adjusted on different sides for individual preferences. An environmentally friendly option may be a latex mattress, which is good for those who have allergies and want an option that is also lightweight and comfortable. If your main issue is back support, you may want to consider a mattress that is made out of memory foam.

Light Sleepers

Sometimes it can be difficult for a light sleeper and a heavy sleeper to share a bed. Those who sleep lightly can suffer from it due to many factors, such as genetic makeup or sleep disorders like insomnia. If you are the one in your relationship who is a light sleeper, try developing a schedule and sticking to it, as well as limiting screen time before bed. This way, you are more likely to sleep through the night and wake up at the same time. If noise is a factor, invest in earplugs or noise cancelling headphones. However, if you are still waking up several times during the night, you may want to consult a sleep doctor to test for undiagnosed insomnia.

Differing Schedules

Many people who share a bed do not share the same work schedule. It can be particularly difficult to avoid being woken up if you are the one who wakes up a few hours after your partner. Likewise, your partner may be bothered when you are coming to bed at a later time. For this issue, you may want to consider sleeping in different beds during the work week, or investing in a mattress that will not move when someone gets in or out of bed on the opposite side. Wear an eye mask if your partner has to turn on the light to get ready for work in the early hours of the morning.

Children and Pets

If you have young children or pets, they can be major barriers to getting consistent rest, especially when dealing with a puppy or an infant. It may be a good idea to consider having a schedule where you and your partner switch off nights with helping out, rather than both getting up several times every night. This way, one of you will always be getting decent sleep, instead of both being constantly sleep deprived. You can also consider having outside help to come and take care of your infant at night as well. With puppies, you can easily train it to sleep through the night and not have accidents in the bed.

Getting enough good sleep does not have to be a challenging task. With these solutions, you are guaranteed to be able to get better sleep.

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