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Jul 3, 2020

Further to my article on day twenty five…11. THE LAW OF AFFINITY

All beings of similar character tend to convene in the same place. Our personal mental condition creates affinity that attracts what is similar to it in the outer world.

In order to develop internally the characteristics that are in tune with places, situations and people with a high level of satisfaction, it is essential to keep constant watch on our thoughts, because they are the tool that programs the mind and maintains or transforms the personality, which is the source of all the human attitudes and behaviours that may determine our success or failure in our life experience.

The art of personal attractiveness is an inner characteristic of the individual that has nothing to do with the concept of beauty, but with their spiritual development. That is why it can be said that everyone, without exception, can become highly attractive if they cultivate their inner virtues.

These are developed by using the techniques of wisdom thinking, directing it in a voluntary and sustained way and understanding the principles of the Laws of the Universe and of Life and order to be able to use the information of wisdom. It will be this information that makes it possible to cleanse the mind of its acquired limitations, learning instead to fill with the principles of trustworthiness, commitment, loyalty and loving service.

The best always associate with the best. Everything that we choose to feed internally produces situations, people and places in line with that energy.

We can attract the following principles of wisdom by thinking the best:

Abundance: that we correspondent with abundance.

Joy: that there are many reasons for being joyful in life.

Harmony: that we have the capacity to express harmony.

Commitment: about the value of our capacity for commitment.

Trust: that we are able to generate total trust.

Enthusiasm: that everything we do fills us with enthusiasm.

Happiness: that we have what we need for our happiness.

Loyalty: that our agreements require our loyalty.

Peace: about something that brings us peace.

Prosperity: that we have the virtue of prosperity.

Respect: that every living being deserves our respect.

Health: that we were created with a perfect pattern of health.

Satisfaction: about events that make us feel satisfied.

Service: That our service is available to others.

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