Dreams and Soul Groups: Past lives coming to surface in dreams | Core Spirit
September 26

Dreams and Soul Groups: Past lives coming to surface in dreams

Editor’s Note: This is a brief story submitted by a woman who is catching glimpses of what seem to be past lives in her dreams. Dreams are a very convenient method for re-experiencing past lives and past life situations, because when you dream, your conscious mind is not overriding your subconscious where past life information is stored.

Past life memories usually only come to surface in dreams when these past life situations are relevant to what is going on in a current life. Think of them as unfinished business in one form or another. Here is the story from a woman who chooses to remain anonymous. She is seeing people in her present life taking on different characters in her dreams.

One theory in reincarnation is that of soul groups. In other words, people reincarnate with the same cast of characters over many lifetimes – each taking on different roles as friends family, victims, heros, etc. It is totally possible that this woman is seeing members of her soul group taking on different roles in her past lives. And perhaps you [the reader] have had similar dreams – maybe not recognising their potential to be past lives? Please submit your story too!

Reincarnation Story from Anonymous:

I have had so many dreams on reincarnation – that I are me, but with different names, lives and situations. In my dream I see someone who is related to me. for example in one of them I saw a woman and in my real life she is my son’s school manager. In this dream my name was Shirin and a boy fell in love with me, and my appearance was different. I had a different family they didn’t liked that boy so I took off with him and they came after me. This is just one of my dreams … after many dreams like this I believe that maybe I have lived before!