January 18

Can you avoid pregnancy with certain sex positions?

Do Certain Sex Positions Avoid or Cause Pregnancy?

Sorry in advance to all you hopefuls out there. While it may be fun to fantasize about specific sexual positions preventing pregnancy, fantasy is all it is. Same goes for the misguided myth that some magical position will actually help you get pregnant if you’re trying. Both of these assumptions are false, people. F.A.L.S.E.

Here’s the real deal: it doesn’t matter where, when, how or in what position you have intercourse—if a man’s penis goes inside a woman’s vagina, there is the potential she could get pregnant, especially if there’s not a reliable form of birth control involved. He doesn’t even have to ejaculate because pre-cum carries the same concern. So, you can consult all the Kama Sutra books you want and you can try all the wild acrobatic positions you can handle, but that won’t change the fact that unprotected sex is just that: not protected. The only “position” that definitely won’t cause pregnancy is oral sex, but keep in mind that even oral comes with its own prevention needs (primarily, STDs).

If you want to avoid pregnancy and stay safe at the same time, your best lines of defense are a proven method of birth control and an honest conversation with your partner. Get talking and find the contraceptive form that works for you, and don’t forget to use a male or female condom to protect you and your partner against STDs. From there, you’re good to test out fun, new positions to your heart’s desire.

Oh, and as for sex positions that will get you pregnant, it’s pretty much any of them. None will guarantee pregnancy, and there aren’t any that are more “effective” than others, but if you’re actively trying to have a baby, go ahead and have some fun. New positions are always a good time when you both feel comfortable. But before you get a bun in that oven, check out our Are You Ready Pregnancy Tool. It can help you determine if you’ve got all your ducks in a row before you start a family.

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