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Aug 25, 2021
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I will tell you how certain things you do while at a cemetery, can bring bad luck and terrible consequences for your health and wellbeing. I will only discuss those things that are deadly or extremely destructive. Watch this video to the end so that you are fully informed about the dangers you had no idea existed.
A cemetery is not just a place of burial of the deceased. It’s an energetically powerful place full of fantoms and entities. A cemetery acts as a portal to the collective unconscious and the collective memory of many generations. That’s why one should be extremely careful when visiting a graveyard. Doing the following at the cemetery might bring bad luck and dangerous consequences.

Do not pick up any items, such as flowers or any other items, and take them to your house. Why is that? Because all items that have been sitting at the cemetery have absorbed its destructive energy. It's especially true about flowers grown naturally on the premises of the cemetery.

When you pick up these objects and things at the cemetery and take them to your house, the energy of the underworld enters your home. You unwillingly invite all kinds of dark entities. Besides, a number of dark rituals are done at cemetery sites by black magicians. They leave certain items behind, such as food and special ritual items. God forbid you take so much as a small piece of this kind of food and eat it.

You can find things like personal belongings or even money that were purposely left there by a witch or a voodoo priest. These are special items used for transferring disease and spells by those black magicians. The second thing not to do is go to the cemetery at night. Only professional black magicians working with the energy of the underworld can come to the cemetery at night. Why is that?

Because cemetery life is active in the dark of the night. It’s better you don’t go to the cemetery at night lest you want to become food for dark entities from the underworld. In my opinion, the most dangerous thing to do is performing any kind of ritual that you read about online. One such ritual especially if done at night, is capable of destroying one’s life or the life of your children or grandchildren. It’s better not to perform any rituals whatsoever, especially if they have to do with a cemetery and soil that came from the cemetery.

Next, never put any photos of the living people into the grave when a newly departed person is being buried. You are not to put any personal belongings, such as body jewelry, or similar items, into the grave. It can bring doom and gloom to your health and livelihood.

Remember that every item is connected to its owner. All photographs have imprints of living people. When a living person’s picture ends up inside a grave, such a person will be immersed in the energy of the underworld.

Pregnant women and small children should not be allowed to set foot at a cemetery. I know a young lady who was pregnant and went to a cemetery. She fainted and, ended up in a hospital. Why did that happen? The energy of the underworld clashes with the new life. That’s why it’s a no-no for pregnant women to visit cemetery sites.

Next, drinking alcohol, littering, and grave desecration is extremely dangerous. People who play with the above-mentioned activities are playing with fire. Before too long, they will pay their price.

A very famous French actor Gerard Depardieu used to practice grave desecration when he was a teenager, maybe due to peer pressure or just by sheer ignorance. It was very unfortunate when many years later his son started to experience some serious problems. His son started doing drugs when he was fairly young. He was also known to shoplift, until one day he had a serious accident and ended up in a hospital.

Not only did he have his leg amputated in “Life or death” surgery, he was also infected by a deadly virus that was lethal. That’s what happened to the famous French actor Gerard Depardieu, he ended up burying his own son. A very sad story, indeed.

Taking pictures at a cemetery is ill-advised. Pictures taken at a cemetery will take your lifeforce energy, especially if shared on social media. Every picture we take has living people’s energy imprinted on them.

Next, is it okay to eat and drink at a graveyard site? Serving food and drinks at the burial sites is normal in some cultures. When we partake of the food and drinks, we also ingest the ambient energy of the space around us.

If you happen to be eating and drinking on a subway with its low-vibratory frequency, the damage done to your health is gonna go unnoticed. However, a cemetery is a place of high levels of energy, therefore eating and drinking at a cemetery is extremely dangerous, especially for those people whose energy field is weak. Those would be elderly people with poor health or depressed people.

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