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Space clearing
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Space clearing

Space clearing
Theresa Ceruti
Apr 24, 2024, 04:00
Property Clearing Reading – Distance Session

We are attached to properties that are vibrationally aligned to us. Sometimes clients become quite sensitive to their environment, especially if it is shared with other family members.

If you are currently the owner or renter of a property, I can energetically clear that property. Being physically present is not necessary. Homes and properties also have Akashic Records. Influences in your home are uncovered and cleared distantly. It is really a pretty simple, and quick exercise and therefore I'm not charging a lot!

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Space clearing
Daina Hope
Apr 24, 2024, 15:00
Home and office energy Clearing

Just like us humans we pick up negative energy our homes and offices pick up energy. Every thing is energy it just vibrates on a different level. I have found in my practice that people who have both energy work done on their physical body , energy bodies and the energy work on the home have had longer lasting effects of the energy work and release of negative energy. Yes there are a lot of factors to consider like if the lay lines are in good condition is the energetic field in good conditions have you had any negative experience in your home or on your furniture and so on. I am able to see feel smell hear and repair and clear the balance of the energy. For more info just book a session. Love&Hope

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Space clearing
Larrissa Aawar
Apr 24, 2024, 17:00

It is felt by many house inhabitants if the house has ghosts or spirits who have not crossed over. They might not want the property to be sold or rented and will banish all potential buyers or renters.

These entities could cause, either intentionally or unintentionally, a multitude of different emotional, mental, and physical problems. Poltergeist is just that: entities having a fit when they don't have things go their way.


The most common (and obvious) sign is when the property sits there for months and years and is not getting sold or rented. Another reason for that is some leftover emotional garbage that still remains inside the house or the lot. It is the residual negative energy left behind by the previous owners who lived in the house.

All of these things mentioned above will make it extremely difficult, at times next to impossible, to sell or rent out the property. The entities need to be banished, and the energetic negative residue needs to be cleared for the house to feel good to the potential buyers and renters.

I have a great deal of expertise when it comes to remote energy cleansing home & energetic house clearing.I will need several photos of the property plus the property address. The house energy clearing is done remotely, so the property owners do not need to be present for this to work.

The listing below is for a SINGLE (ONE TIME) Property Clearing procedure. This will clear your house/office of any negative entities and will remove the heavy dark energies. It will then be infused with loving Light energies which will be appealing to the prospective buyers/tenants and will make them want to buy or rent your property.

It is highly advised that the house energy clearing is done every time one buys a new home. Energetic house clearing, or house energy clearing, is a new holistic medicine approach applied to residential and commercial property. It is obvious that old houses need energetic house clearing because they've been lived in for so long. But what about new homes, do they need ​​​energetic house clearing as well?

The answer is "yes". New home energy clearing is necessary for the following reason: one never knows what kind of people were building the house, and what they might've left behind. This could be entities and dark dirty energy.

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Space clearing
Kerstin Kramer
Apr 24, 2024, 20:00
Waterloo, ON, Canada
Home Clearing Session & Entity Removal

When you move into a new home you clean it thoroughly. Did you know that it is also very important to clean the energy in a home? If you have heard of people smudging their homes or placing crystals in various rooms of their house, you will know what I am talking about.

My focus during a remote home clearing is to remove all negative energies and bing in positive energy, love, light and peace. I clean your home by connecting energetically with every room, sensing the energy contained within that space. I will feel emotions, get impressions of what has happened in those rooms over the years and whether or not the room supports you and your life. Every once in a while energies will cross my path during these cleanings, which I will either assist to move into the light (if they are ghosts) or banish (if they are negative entities).

I cleanse your home from a metaphysical point of view in order to increase the energy of our home, so that it can support you and your loved ones! After my session is concluded, I will send you a personalized 1-2 page report, outlining all of my findings and what has been cleared. Once the energy has been improved, it will be easier for all household members to manifest abundance and enjoy a harmonious life!

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