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Divine Gifts of Communication
Mar 29, 2018

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Psychic consultations (readings) can be characterized as: energetic interpretations of intuitively acquired information ascertained by utilizing extrasensory gifts of Divine communication. Mediumship distinctly is the mediation of communication between spirits of the dead and living human beings.

Psychic impressions and intuitive messages can be channeled from various sources including Angelic Beings, Nature Spirits, Non-physical Entities, Animals (Totems) and pets. Psychics and Mediums may not necessarily be “Channels”, however they all share the divine capability to communicate via the Clairs. Clair means clear, and prefixes the aspects of “seeing” (clairvoyance), “hearing” (clairaudience), “sensing” (clairsentience), “smelling” (clairalience), “tasting” (clairgustance) and “knowing” (claircognizance). Modern Mediumship places the Clairs in the category of Mental Mediumship and are accompanied by additional mental phenomena that includes Telepathy, Trance speaking, and Apparitions.

Communication from the spirit world manifesting itself in physical form encompasses such things as Levitation, and Automatic Writing, as well as Poltergist, Ectoplasmic and “Energetic” activities. Ectoplasm is considered to be the substance responsible for producing spirit materializations and telekinesis. Modern Mediumship places physical phenomena in the category of Physical Mediumship. The term “Physical Medium” may also be used to reference a Medium who exhibits behaviors (nail biting, etc.) characteristic of the spirit he/she has communication with during a reading.

Two relatively new terms indicate how a Medium may operate. A spirit-based Medium can communicate with any spirit at any time. A client-based Medium can communicate with “presenting” spirits (usually transitioned loved ones) that “come through” during their client’s reading.

The channels of spirit communication are many - you just need to find the right medium

by Body Mind Spirit Guide

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