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Distilling Your Story by Sister Earth Creations

Oct 29, 2020
Sister Earth Creations with Dianne Keast
Core Spirit member since Oct 5, 2020
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by Dianne Keast, Sister Earth Creations

Would you know yourself better if you read your life story or watch a movie of your life?

Our stories are important, they give us an identity & belonging & help us develop as human souls, they teach us empathy & resilience. But they also provide us with challenges, struggles & suffering.

Our human narratives can get really complicated & make us feel overwhelmed.

Sometimes we can feel like we are drowning in our story, this can hold us back, leaving us feeling traumatized & stuck in repeating patterns that we struggle to break free from.

The good news is that you are not your narrative, you are a human soul experiencing & observing the story but the story is not you, you are more, you are the context of the story, you are the being who finds the meaning in the narrative.

As humans we do not just kind of like inquiring after, finding & examining the many-faceted meanings in our stories, we are in fact driven to do this from something deep-seated in our souls. Because through our stories we discover our own hidden context & awaken to our own grace…

Yes you, reading this right now… you are compiled of the most beautiful spiritual grace & it waits for you to discover it through the distillation of your narrative.

A person driving a car is not the car & they are not the road, but they are the force that chooses the road & steers the car along the path that will travel down.

You are the one who adds context & meaning to the story. You get to choose what to do with the story. We all have the opportunity to choose what we do with our story, when we find ways to do this, we can choose the context of our past story & the direction of or future story.

Contact me to learn practical exercises for this process.

Luv D

Sister Earth Creations with Dianne Keast
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Eva Glain3y ago

Very interesting article, thank You very much! But how to get rid of the thought that your destiny and history has already been written. That in fact there is no choice, and even at this moment thinking that we are doing what we have chosen ourselves - in fact, it has already been written by someone, and we are just going down this path…

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