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Discus Rules Throwers Need to Know

Feb 24, 2021
Kori Miller
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Rules Regarding Cage

Here are some important rules regarding cage:

·The construction and the strength of the cage should be such that it can arrest a disc of around 2Kg coming at a speed of 25m/sec.

·There should be no threat of rebounding of the disc from the cage.

·The cage should have at least one side open. Therefore it is often recommended to construct it in a “U” shape.

·At the lowest pint, the height of the netting point should be 4m.

·Synthetic and natural fiber is the idle material for the construction of the net. However, high tensile strength steel wire can also be used.

Rules Regarding Throw

Here are some important rules regarding throw :

·The discus can only be thrown by an athlete when he or she will stand inside a circle that has a diameter of 2.5m.

·During the course of the throw, the athletes are prohibited from touching the top of the rim. However, they can touch the inner part of the rim.

·An athlete cannot touch the ground beyond the circle.

·If the athlete leaves the circle before the landing of the disc on the ground, then it will be considered as a foul throw.

·In the Olympic matches, each athlete is given 8 chances to showcase their talents.

·There is a particular boundary of the landing of the disc. If the disc lands outside that zone then that throw is considered invalid.

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