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Discover Your Soul's Purpose With Tarot

Nov 14, 2021
Nichole Edmond
Core Spirit member since Mar 25, 2021
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Find Your Souls Purpose with a Tarot Birth Chart

In tarot, you have multiple cards that represent you, called your birth cards or your soul cards representing your identity, inner psyche and journey in this life. Your birth cards can be broken down into 3 different cards:
  1. Personality Card - your purpose this lifetime
  2. Soul Card - your purpose across all lifetimes
  3. Shadow Card - your shadow self or EGO

Find these three cards and their meaning, here's how:

  • write down your full date of birth in number format ( ie December 12, 1999 = 12/12/1999;
  • find the sum of all 8 numbers by adding each number from your birthday together ( ie 1+2+1+2+1+9+9+9 = 34;
  • find the sum of this number the same way until you arrive at a sum that is less than or equal to the number 22 ( ie 3+4= 7 ); this number will represent your 1st card (personality);
  • IF you can further reduce the number you arrived at for your Personality card, do so until you arrive at a single digit number ( ie Personality card = 19, 1+9= 10/ and 1+0=1 ); this number represents your Soul card.

** If you received a single digit number after the first sum, like I did in Example #2, then your Personality & Soul cards are the same; if you were able to reduce the number of your personality card further, like I did in Example #4 you will have 2 card numbers (Personality = 7 and Soul = 1) **

Finding your shadow card can be a little confusing - so I have taken the liberty of doing the hard part for ya ** your welcome **
1-1 / 10-1 / 19-10-1 10 & 19 / 19 / 10 1's Magician (Sun, Wheel of Fortune, Magician) Initiation & Manifestation
2-2 / 11-2 / 20-2 11 & 20 / 20 / 11 2's High Priestess (Judgement, Justice, High Priestess) Balance through intuitive awareness
3-3 / 12-3 / 21-3 12 & 21 / 21 / 12 3's Empress (World, Hanged Man, Empress) Creative Imagination & Viewpoints
4-4 / 13-4 / 22-4 13 & 22 4's Emperor (Fool, Death, Emperor Control through transformation
5-5 / 14-5 14 5's Hierophant (Temerance, Hierophant) Pursuit of knowledge through teachings
6-6 / 15-6 15 6's Lovers (Devil, Lovers) Choices & Addictions
7-7 / 16-7 16 7's Chariot (Tower, Chariot) Mastery through change
8-8 / 17-8 17 8's Strength (Star, Strength) Inspired Leadership
9-9 / 18-9 18 9's Hermit (Moon, Hermit) Truth seeking & Path Finding

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Now we know our Tarot Birth Chart - time for the final exercise:

When you look at your personality, soul card, and your shadow card, you realize that all of the cards have a single digit in common - a single digit prime number. That number can also relate to the minor arcana cards throughout the deck.

Take a look at each minor arcana card separately and see what it has to tell you
(The minor arcana cards will come into play more in future posts on this topic).

Finally you can take each card and lay them out in front of you and take em alllll in, notice symbols, colors, any intuitive meanings you may get, how the card makes you feel.

  • Do you notice any patterns?

  • What card are you most drawn to?

  • Does the card mean something to you other the typical meaning?

  • Use these cards in your mediation practice to really get to know the cards and see what they’re trying to tell you.

Want more?

This is the first post in a series I’ve named ‘Discover Your Soul with Tarot’. Check back soon to learn more:

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Hope you enjoyed! Be sure to comment below with any questions, comments, concerns - and schedule your Soul's Purpose Tarot Reading:
Soul's Purpose Tarot Reading

Til next time.

XOXO- Nichole

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