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Discover Ancient Japanese Hand Massage Technique
Mar 29, 2018

Whitney Welch
Core Spirit member since Dec 24, 2020
Reading time 5 min.

Feeling anxious? Nervous? Kind of grouchy? This old Japanese technique can help balance out your emotions and chill you the hell right out. All it takes is to keep your thumb pressed in your other hand for a full minute, as the photo above would suggest. Then repeat with the other hand. Why does this work?

Every finger has a role. Pressure on the thumb eases nausea. Pressure on the finger relaxes your fears. Pressure on the middle finger chills your temper. Pressure on your ring finger fights off sadness. And finally, pressure on the pinky finger eases your overall stress.

Pretty neat, huh? Give it a try next time you’re feeling unbalanced.

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