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Diabetic Cyborg Life 02/01: 1355 Posts Written Later

Feb 1, 2023
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… What I am saying is that I don’t know the answers you are looking for. NO ONE likely knows the answers you are looking for, but that doesn’t matter. Why? Because that is the beauty of life, we define our purpose and our meaning and essence of who/what we are.
My mother started my life with one purpose, dream, and vision. That was to find my way and make myself the best and most I could make myself. That vision might not be defined by her or anyone before now, but you would never know unless I just told you this.
That is the beauty of life here on the mud ball called earth. We chose to believe, and we chose to see that we are meant to be whatever we decide we are to be. That is the catch, WE have to choose and not it was chosen for us.
Yes, I admit there is some privilege in that statement where some think they have no choice, but I posit the fact that a black man rose to become President of the United States.
Did he not face classism, racism, and hate and questions the whole way?
Dream big, and never stop dreaming.

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