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Depression Has No Room Here

Dec 3, 2023
Katrina Lippolis
Core Spirit member since Oct 29, 2023
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Whenever I feel myself becoming overwhelmed by depressed thoughts or stressing over things beyond my control, I have given myself pep talks.

I'll take a deep breath and ask, "Have you forgotten all the things you've overcome? Did you not remember where you were in life before compared to where you are now?" ...and when I do that, I begin to snap out of my funk. It's like a complete 180.

There are so many things to be grateful and thankful for in my life. There shouldn't be any room for the bad stuff because the good often outweighs the bad.

But, we have a habit of always focusing on the bad.

It's like posting something where the majority agrees with you, then comes the ONE commenter who can ruin your attitude because they didn't agree. That one comment will stick to us like glue and it becomes hard to shake.

I was like that the majority of my life. Most would think my writing is great and those one or two would say it's garbage (paraphrasing). I had to learn to let it go and not dwell.

Don't let those thoughts control your attitude. Be bigger than that. All it takes is a pep talk.

Give yourself affirmations, if necessary. Just don't listen to what negative people say or what those dumb voices in your head are saying.

You have the power to control how you feel.


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Philip Ebuluofor7mo ago

To the point. Fine work. Let them go find better sofa.