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Dental crown procedure for healthy and beautiful smile

Sep 21, 2021
Demi Powell
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Dental crowns can restore teeth that have problems with fillings, damages, decay etc. They also support bridges, cracked and weakened teeth. This procedure is the best decision to protect your smile and prevent further damage.

Restoration can change the color, shape of the tooth, size and if you want only to change the appearance, you can consider veneers instead.

The dentist recommends procedure for installing crowns for these reasons:

  • Protecting a destroyed tooth
  • Covering up some other treatment
  • Fixing the dental bridges
  • Covering a deformed tooth
  • Protection implants

The first visit is intended for preparation, and the second – for cementation. If you have several crowns, and you need your bite to be corrected, or a crown for implantation, it can take much longer, sometimes months.

First appointment

During the first visit, the dentist will check the teeth for the crown installation, also see diagnosis and treatment planning and take an X-ray of the tooth to prepare it for the installation of the dental crown. If the tooth has a root canal, it does not necessarily need a post, only if there is not enough tooth left for a good filling, it will be needed.

As soon as the tooth is ready, the dentist will make a cast of this tooth with a paste. Furthermore, dental impressions are necessary to correct your bite. It may take several weeks between the installation of the temporary crown and the next appointment.

Second appointment

The second visit involves putting on a dental crown. Dentists remove the temporary crown (it is easy to come off, so it’s recommended to avoid eating hard food), check the color, shape and fit of the new crown and fix it for a long time. In addition, they use painkillers to reduce the pain.


Since a client is dealing with inflammation and irritation caused by the procedure, the recovery is rather short. Right after the procedure, you may feel a difference in your tooth, because the shape of the tooth may differ from your previous one. It is normal to feel this way, but if it is not getting better after a few days you should visit your dentist.

Oral care for dental crown

Since the crown is installed and you feel okay, you should maintain the following tips for oral care:

  • Use mouthwash
  • Dental cleanings are essential
  • Interdental brushes and threads are required
  • It is not recommended to eat tough food.
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