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Mar 29, 2018
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Most modern methods of practice rely on a meditation as a method of “enlightenment”. The following text is an excerpt about meditation from the book of the Teacher of Single Yang.

“In the world there is a kind of method of practicing «alchemy» in the form of sitting silently, muttering the spells or prayers or their own various practices of sitting. Practitioners of them completely don’t understand that it is absolutely useless and does not lead to any result. This sitting (meditation) is called «枯禪» - a withering contemplation, withered Chan. In the Taoism is often said that “the movement causes Yang” and “the immobility causes Yin”, “pure Yang is a Xian (immortal)”, “pure Yin is a Gui (a devil, a ghost).” If you sit in Dazuo (a sitting practice in the lotus or a cross-legged practice, a meditation), it is a false calmness, “Yin is caused” by the continuation of this process, and the longer the sitting will last, the paler and the flabbier the face will become and the more worse the health and condition of body will be. Then the Yang jing cannot be retained in the body and will be scattered outside.

The seeker of the spiritual practice! First think about an amount of the jing you have, so you’re not afraid to exhaust it by sitting, to die even without knowing that it will happen from your practice, unknowingly destroy your soul by an unreasonable predilection of a profane teaching? If this happens, it will be truly sad!

Our ancient school of Taoist alchemy of Wu Chung-xu and Liu Hua-yang categorically forbids students to practice the sitting dazuo (meditation) at the early stages of practice; those who talk about the sitting dazuo and mystifies the people’s, is better for these people to go faster to practice dazuo themselves! The true alchemy does not include it. Because the dazuo can not, principle, produce any results, and it is used only as a secondary work and only at the final stages of practice. The sitting datzuo can only be used for recuperation but never as the main method. (As a medicinal method the sitting can be used for those who have problems with hypotension of the heart and hyperemia, but not too long sitting).

I have a personal disciple, who has been practicing the long sittings of schools Chan and Mizun. He was very persistent and hard worked and brought himself to almost absolute exhaustion of jing. His face blackened, his ears were covered with the dry crust, and then the sperm has started to leak out of his body. After each sitting an abundant leakage of sperm begun from his body and the Ming in his body was rapidly emptying.

Only by intensive practice of our School of Taoist alchemy he succeeded in avoiding the death. Therefore, the true alchemy school does not teach the sitting dazuo, the followers of Wu Chung-xu and Liu Hua-yang do not practice it.

Remember: the sitting gives rise to yin, and yin leads to the death.

by Valentin Popov For All Dao

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