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Welcoming a Winter Newborn
Nov 29, 2019

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If you live in a place where the temperature dips in the winter, and you plan on giving birth during these colder months, you may need to take extra steps to ensure that your new baby will stay warm. Here are some tips to ensure that your infant is protected and cozy even in the coldest of times.

Invest in Good Blankets

It is important to make sure you find the perfect baby blanket based on your infant’s needs. Even though the blanket needs to keep your baby warm, you also need to ensure that it is ideal for sleep and is soft enough not to cause irritation with your child’s skin. Additionally, blankets can be a safety hazard if they have tassels or other hanging objects on them that could cause the baby to choke. Avoid blankets that are too heavy, so it is better to go for a lighter material that will also insulate your baby without making it hard for him or her to breathe while sleeping.

Consider a Space Heater

In order to keep your baby’s nursery at the ideal temperature during the night, it may be a good idea to purchase a space heater. There are many types of propane heaters for home, and you will have to research which type will be best for the space you are trying to heat, as well as your budgetary limitations and other needs. It is always a good idea to be checking the temperature of the heater to make sure that the room is not overheating as well. However, a space heater is the most effective way of warming up a room as quickly as possible. Many space heaters are also easily transportable, and can be moved from room to room with little effort.

Use Plenty of Hats

One of the main points of the body that heat escapes from the head, which is why experts stress how important it is to have your baby’s head covered for much of the time during the first few weeks of life. This is doubly vital in the winter, when the temperature can cause babies to become cold more quickly. You can purchase hats in bulk from almost any retail store, or if you want a personalized twist on the beanies, you can even crochet your own to create an item of clothing that will provide a cherished memory for your child later in life.

Skin to Skin Contact

Bonding with your baby using skin to skin contact is a wonderful way to foster a relationship with your infant, and also to preserve warmth between the two of you in a natural and intimate way. Studies have even shown that skin to skin contact has a psychological effect on the growth and well being of the baby during their formative months, especially with improvement in brain function. It can also be beneficial if you are having difficulties with breastfeeding, as well as an opportunity for fathers to bond with their child outside of the responsibilities of the mother, such as feeding.

Thermal Clothing

For anyone who is facing cold weather, the first thing that comes to mind is to wear layers in order to maximize the insulation of warmer temperatures. Clothing exists that is specially designed for babies to keep them warm and cozy during the winter without making it too hot and uncomfortable for them. Make sure to have sweatpants, thermal jackets, and thick socks on hand for when you go on outings with your baby, even if you are only exposing them to the cold for a few minutes at a time. For added security, it may be a good idea to purchase mittens as well.

Having a baby during the winter can be difficult, but you should not have to worry. With these tips, your child is guaranteed to stay comfy and completely warm until the end of winter.

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