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Cybernetic Shamanism

Mar 25, 2023
Core Spirit member since Mar 25, 2023
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If nothing was bored enough to create everything, then everything wanted it all, until there was nothing more to desire. Where does that leave us Mortals?

In a right pile of Ontological Diarrhoea, is probably a close answer. A world where simplicity is overlooked for the sake of complexity and keeping us Humans bogged down in a state of mental crap. Imagine two turds dancing at a wedding and you see my point right? Its pointless, although it does have a point to make. This unavoidable state of Chaos is mere entertainment, to keep us heading down the road to understanding what the Taoists call Wu Wei and Wu Chi. Twins which are not really related as they both originate from a single parent via immaculate chaotic conception in a void called Alice, Tiamat or even Eris. Lets not mention The Father, as the whole situation gets much worse and a little Freudian in its slipping about on Universal Ice, while Universal Fire burns his behind to keep him moving! Nothing stops evolving, but nothing also causes it!

We as Humans love to complicate everything, blame anything and generally do whatever it takes to look smarter than the person stood beside us or else wither like an over watered flower in a drought. Nothing makes sense and the belief in such is what makes nothing real! All we need do is look at non action, nothing other than our own breath, our expansion, a slight pause, then our contraction. Over and over again. A simple means of finding the answers within, what we believe we make real and the more we build a belief, the harder it becomes to change. Radicalisation of various degrees. Perhaps this is the way of things? What gets taught in Schools, the need to understand.

Perhaps it would be wiser for a teacher spending a few minutes a day, standing before the Class saying, “OK Kids, its do nothing time. Just sit still and question any aspect of life you wish.” What difference would that make in a kids day, its upbringing and future. I’m not a trained Psychologist, but the law of averages may suggest that sometime in the teachers career, Billy is going to jump up and say. “Why is it stillness and silence gave rise to an ever rolling abyss? My thoughts contradict my logic.” or words to that effect.

Louise might leap out of her chair and claim, “Hey y’all, that Immaculate Conception stuff, I get it! The Taoists knew it for hundreds of years.” Carlos might remain silent almost unnoticed in the corner, quietly thinking, “I’m going to be a Classical Ninja within five years.” As for the Teacher? They have to follow the Herd and claim, “Settle down now, I'm just following the curriculum, I need the money from this job to feed my partner and our kids. Have you kids seen the price of Gas these days?”

The kids natural response, ‘Not our world, not our problem. You adults made the turds dance not us.’ and who can blame the youthful for their brutal honesty. Stillness and Silence are an occluded friend, a friend we are taught to overlook.

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