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Cross And Its Many Misinterpretations: Here is the real Gist.
Nov 28, 2023

This last Sunday is the feast of the Corpus Christi here in Nigeria. I suspected it was postponed for a reason.

Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem. But I am here to focus a bit on the cross and the ideas people of this era have of that important Christian weapon and symbol.

These days, many see that important part of Christianity as a thing to avoid by all means. They are given it interpretation that Satan and his boys at work here on earth want to pass across to sway many away from its benefit and truth behind it.

 The Cross, the principal symbol of the Christian religion, recalls the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and the redeeming benefits of his Passion and death. The cross is thus a sign both of Christ himself and the faith of Christians. In ceremonial usage, making a sign of the cross may be, according to the context, an act of profession of faith, a prayer, a dedication, or a benediction... Britannica.com 

let's talk about this in a manner you will not start thinking that am preaching to you. I have found out that many of us don't just like the word preaching and the connotations it comes with these days just like the cross itself. No one is accusing or condemning anyone here. But the thing is that we Christians have been disoriented by the new ideas going around that at times, I wonder how we are to win new souls when we the ones born into it aren't stable and aren't rooted in what we are born into. Too disorienting to say the least.

Cross doesn't signify punishments or suffering at least not in the way they are being presented today. There is raw evil education on the cross that is going around in the Christian world and this takes on crude oil, the life of people on earth, and preaching of hell and punishments that many including the teachers of the gospel got so disoriented about that some were even turning their worshippers away from the truth.

The cross remains what it had always been. The route to salvation, the route to victory, and freedom. Wasn't it what made Christ who he is today? Do you think that Christ would have been who he is today without going through that route? Practically impossible. Telling those who listen to you that Christians worship God who doesn't care for them like Allah does for his followers is crazy. It is of the world. The saying that Mohammed came and shouted back and slapped back anyone who disturbed his peace while Christ came with a sermon about turning the other cheek and carrying the cross to your death is funny. Allah sent crude oil to his followers they had been enjoying since the sixties while Christian God is full of threats to his followers. It sounds like talking the earthly talk.

Didn't Christ make it clear that his kingdom wasn't of this world and didn't he make his stand on the cross well-known in the garden while praying?

"Father, If it is your wish, let this cup pass me by but it is your will that would be done not mine"

    Do you believe that anything prevented him from running for it or that his father wasn't paying attention when he made that declaration? Or maybe he was ignorant of the limitations of his father's ability to make things happen? The saying that is famous today that has no known attachment to Christianity goes this way: Nothing good comes easy. No one is insinuating that anything is evil with oil or slapping back like Mohammed did but am not sure many of these people voicing this out would want to be Mohammed's followers. There are oils in Christian nations and life is not bread and butter in Arab worlds. Forget about wars and other racial and discrimination issues being raced from there. If force isn't applied today to remain a member of the religion where they came from, I am not sure any woman and most men would still be members of the religion and why there is still widespread poverty inside there beats the Christian theory of world made easy over there story useless. After Africa, it's that side coming second in the poverty lineup in the record of the UN. Just, look around you and see for yourself. You will know the true freedom and what its true definition is when you are from there. only then can you truly start from a grateful heart to count your blessings as a Christian. Oil comes with a package, region you came from comes with a package too. There are reasons you came from where you came and reasons they too come from where they came from and why they are who they are. There is always that reward, not a punishment that awaits those who carry any cross in faith with pure reason. It is never a punishment but a pure blessing. All ancient and modern that went through that route came out smiling. Above all, carrying cross doesn't have to be connected to religion. People carry different kinds of crosses from every kinds of sector each day.tge idea is to make sure it's coming to from clean heart not as a punishment.don't underwater its many benefits.
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