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Dec 7, 2020
Core Spirit member since Dec 7, 2020
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You might have heard around people taking it seriously, so understandable, scared for their health, what else does the mind even perceive first when all the world goes like “protect yourself or else you’re gonna die, it’s a deadly virus!!!!!!”.

Lovely people being scared

But then, there are the ones that are rebbeling. They represent the parts of us who -know- something is freaking wrong with this whole thing. They say this disease is an illusion, they are really rooted in their knowing, but there’s one error in their affirmations even if the seed of it has it’s truth and the error is -people are still dying. All over the world, people get scared, get sick, and they literally die

Let’s think why does that happen? Firstly, we are the creators of our own reality, law of attraction -proved to be real in any circumstance, we control how we perceive ourselves, as healthy or sick, helpless victims and what we attract trough our projected vibration. Something else we know for sure is that all fear is illusion, illusion which when followed can in fact create outcomes

And another thing we are sure of, there is the darkness still in our nature, rulling around trough negative thinking and feelings, until we pour love on it and it transcends into love to it’s true nature, that’s the only solution. That’s where all the theories come from, people thinking them “they planned all this, it was a planned action against humanity, it wasn’t accidental”, there is so much truth in that thinking, it’s just that people project it on other people instead of realising the only source that attack comes from, is the darkness, within ourselves. The thing is, we also create illnesses in our creation, we are doing it

Now, tell me, as I know you are fighting to get a hold of this text, as you’re sensing there is truth in it, doesn’t your instinct matter most, more than what everybody else sais? Isn’t your precious instinct always, but always indicating the only truth there is, one truth, not mirrored trough the illusory physicality?

So then, another aspect needed to be adressed: the symptoms. You have the symptoms, you can’t deny their existance. And the disease spreads from one person to another, but how exactly does it happen? How do symptoms exactly get from one person to another? Realise this: symptoms are different for people and there have been signaled more than one form of this “virus”. The symptoms represent: tight sensation in the chest, pain, shortage of breath, feeling of being choked, unable to swallow, fever, body pain, cough, and others. Are you familiar with the dark night of the soul? It is the journey in which one human realises all the beliefs accumulated that stopped oneself from giving true unconditional love to oneself, it’s the waking of the soul, breaking out of all illusory, darkness imposed conditions, trough society, politics, relationships with people who have fallen in the illusion of the darkness. And it freaking hurts. It is basically going trough pure hell, I’m sure everyone who has been trough it can confirm and beware, it presents the exact same symptoms, caused by the pain of

-kundalini (the life giving energy) being awakened in the body, circulating creating-heat (the fever), pain in the body

-anahata - heart chakra being awakened to it’s true feelings and emotions, connection to the soul, so much pain of not having been met with unconditional love no matter how much one tried to be the “golden child”, “golden citizen” “golden member of society”, pain created by the realisation that we gave our full trust to a gouvernment ruled by the rules of the illusion - darkness, actually coming out of the illusion that they truly care and have our back, because we can’t deny resuts and facts and what we see no matter how much they try to make us do so.

That’s where the pain comes from, causing feeling tighteness in the chest, being chocked by feeling unempowered. This whole energy unbalance of this journey creates other feelings like fear, which manifest into other symptoms based on our belief, like that the flu is real and that we are in danger of contacting those feelings

Therefore, the mask is freaking futile. How it was already proved to be, as some people who did everything to protect themselves, contracted the disease, and some who rebell against it, never had it. The keeping distance between ourselves is only meant to separate us, into isolating ourselves, so that we feel alone and obedient and controlled and not able to count or act on our own need of human connection, human contact, how we are meant to be -together. Not separated

So dear humans, who are suffering and fear death, know this: you have been manipulated by the darkness within you, there is a cure, nobody has to die, and that is self love, self belief, self realisation of power. If you don’t believe still, and are in midst of fearing, or denial, try calming down even while feeling the symptoms and practice self love, inner child healing

Just give it a try, since you’re quarantined and probably bored, worried, just try

Now, just try this simple thing, not what they keep telling you, SELF LOVE, stop listening to them and start caring for your heart, and see how you become buletproof to anything they want to make you believe

So, wake up people, this whole pandemic is meant to make us realise that we have the power to put an end to it. Don’t feed the fear and hate anymore. Choose Love instead

For the wealth of humanity

So yes, Covid and illness is our creation, the representation of low frequency feelings. We can put an end to it completely

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