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Cornered Relationships Most Female Bosses Engages In
Mar 2, 2023

There is this particular trend I have been noticing lately among females controlled start-ups here. I think it will be safer to name it cornering for that is the most popular term used here for such things.

A single or married woman will start a two or three-man business, and employ a guy normally those that are beneath their social status to do certain things they as females could not do or would not be confident doing.

Maybe it involves certain physical stressful daily or constant motion or something that the girl can be able to do or not able to do well but isn’t in the frame of the mind to be engaging in for months cum years. She decided to hire some anyhow guys for that physical demanding part of the business.

Initially, all the parties in this business setting know their places and their standing in the setting and with each other. They are all happy with what they are doing, what they are being paid, and who they were. But just like every human, with time, familiarizing themselves with the environment, the business requirements, with each other's real capabilities both that of education, finance, and the real person behind the persona being paraded by all, either the gap between them starts widening or it closes to the discomfort of some and comfort of the others.

Human relationship Is always like that. With time, some people in their calculations either wrongly or rightly calculates their importance in the setting of things in the relationship and make a move to put things right as they believe fitting to who they believe themselves to be.
Normally, this type of move is found in businesses that are not performing well, the type that doesn’t want to sprout or die off. That type of business you would refer to as “death defier” that type that never grows to warrant the manager to sleep with two eyes closed in the night and yet it doesn’t want to just die off peacefully sitting or squatting there. Those comatose types hovering not even between life and death but 70 percent gone and the remaining 30 refused to shift ground. I am sure you know that type of business.

Over here in Nigeria, we have a battalion of them. They pay your house rent, and bills of every kind each month and left not a penny in your savings. They come with the type of fear that is at times mostly in your head reminding you nonstop that if there is any shift at all, you are gone.

That is the state most of these female-run businesses are in and those lower-status guys are like dogs that can smell fear a hundred miles away from their bosses. When some of these ladies cannot afford to start carrying CVs around town seeking for something that doesn't exist or can't just bring themselves to come down from the high horse they are on, they try to hold the hovering businesses with both hands without realizing that their dangling is not hidden from their employees or the world.

These guys always move in with boldness to ask for not only a raise but much more than that. They want a relationship, they want marriage as condition for sticking with you and your sick business or…

They knew the precarious situation their boss is in, they knew when ordering turns to asking from their boss. They can tell you each date some bumps in their professional relationship disappeared when there were no longer any warning lines in existence between anyone in the company. They know when smirks turned to smiles and laughter. They are damned fucking good in telling A from B in distress time.

They know that their boss can not afford to lose even a day’s income without paying dearly at the end of the Month. A loss of a week’s income in the name of hiring a replacement at the rate the present person operates is tantamount to committing suicide.

These guys ate not the type that misses such opportunity to advance. They move indirectly, sending their messages across indirectly each day until forced by the boss’s claim not to understand directly moves known to her well.

They corner not only the boss but also the business while still performing their duty. You hear of reactions of cornered animals or thieves. They usually fight their way through or shoot their way through. They won’t surrender. But not most of these female bosses. They succumb after initial fear turns to wild anger, frustration, and helplessness. Some relationships are hidden from many, some from marriage. Most don't kick anyone out, they need everybody. They are lost, confused. They don't close shop, they prefer to hover hoping that something good will happen along the way.

What is confusing to many is the type of relationship that those doing the cornering will want out of such moves. What started as a result desperation not to sink, how will it pan out if the situation turns tomorrow?

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