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Core Spirit Launches its New Mobile App for Wellness Services

Jul 15, 2021
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Core Spirit, the comprehensive health and wellness platform with practitioners in more than 86 countries worldwide, has launched a new app for both iOS and Android. Unlike other wellness apps, the Core Spirit app allows users to book consultations, sessions and trainings in 900+ categories and enhance their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual lives. The app already has thousands of downloads and averages a 5-star rating on both the Apple and Android Play app stores.

“Everyone has a different idea of what 'enhancement' means. Some users are interested in losing weight, getting rid of their back pain or simply building physical strength. Others might seek to alleviate anxiety, work with emotional traumas and build healthy relationships,” says Core Spirit’s CEO. “The Core Spirit app will allow users to customize their experience and journey; it's like a kaleidoscope of opportunities to make real changes and enhance your life."

The new app’s capabilities include an advanced search system and simplified booking process, as well as access to written and video content from the world’s best practitioners. By allowing searches by location, practice, or concern, the interface has quickly become popular with Core Spirit users. Data shows high levels of user engagement on the app and in fact, time spent on the app is 16 times higher than that on the mobile web.

“Client reviews, certificates, descriptive bio, articles and videos of our practitioners help our users short list and identify the most suitable coaches, mentors, therapists, healers and trainers,” continues Core Spirit CEO.

The app was designed by Core Spirit in house development team. With headquarters in London, England, the team is actually located all over the globe, from Dubai in the UAE to Toronto, Canada.

“I love to create apps that feel intuitive for the user, and bring important topics to their fingertips,” says Core Spirit app senior developer. “This app provides lightning-fast load speeds and a new, sleek design. It gives users a customizable carousel of sessions and events where they can book appointments and buy passes to whatever they want to partake in.”

Users can download the app on the iOS or Android app stores now.

Android - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.corespirit.app

iOS - https://apps.apple.com/us/app/core-spirit/id1560983829

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