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Concept of KENDRA and TRIKONA in Indian Astrology

Feb 22, 2023
Addittya Tamhankar
Core Spirit member since Feb 22, 2023
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First house, Fourth house, Seventh house and Tenth house are known as Kendra ( Center) houses in Vedic Astrology. First, Fifth and Ninth house are known as Trikona ( Traingular) houses.

In reality every Kendra house is also a part of Trikona!

1st house ( Kendra) is part of the 5th and 9th house ( Trikona). This Trikona formed by 1st, 5th, 9th house is the DHARMA TRIKONA ( Rightousness Triangle).

10th house ( Kendra) is part of the 2nd and 6th house ( Trikona). This Trikona formed by 10th, 2nd and 6th house is ARTHA TRIKONA ( Money/Wealth Triangle).

7th house ( Kendra) is part of the 3rd and 11th house (Trikona). This Trikona formed by 7th house, 11th house, 3rd house is the KAMA TRIKONA ( Sexual/physical pleasures/desires fulfillment Triangle).

4th house ( Kendra) is part of 8th, and 12th house ( Trikona). This Trikona formed by 4th, 8th, 12th is the MOKSHA TRIKONA ( Liberation/Nirvana Triangle).

So you see the KENDRA AND TRIKONA comprises all the aspects of human life — ARTHA, KAMA, DHARMA AND MOKSHA.

Hindu religion or to be precise - the SANATAN DHARMA of ancient India has been so perfectly based on these four walls of human life - ARTHA (MONEY), KAMA (SEX), DHARMA (RIGHTEOUSNESS) and MOKSHA (Nirvana, Liberation of the soul).

“Human being, the period of whose life is one hundred years, should practise Dharma , Artha, and Kama at different times and in such a manner that they may harmonize, and not clash in any way. He should acquire learning in his childhood; in his youth and middle age he should attend to Artha and Kama, and in his old age he should perform Dharma, and thus seek to gain Moksha , that is, release from further transmigration.” - Sanatan Dharma

The secret therefore is that — that for every aspect of life — the whole Trikona becomes instrumental. Meaning — for marriage, along with 7th house, 3rd and 11th house also becomes instrumental in signifying marriage and happiness from marriage! The same is the case with money/income, along with 2nd house, 6th and 10th house also becomes instrumental. The same is the case with spiritual journey or progress on spiritual path, along with 12th house, 4th and 8th house also becomes instrumental.

Life is multi dimensional similarly Astrology is also multi dimensional. Just one house cannot decide the outcome of a certain aspect of human life.

Human beings are also multi-dimensional. SEX cannot engulf your whole - if it is doing so then you are simply being one-dimensional. Money cannot engulf your whole life - if that is the case then you are simply being one-dimensional. Dharma - also cannot engulf your life - else you will become a hard core religious activist who shows no humanity - no feelings! Spirituality also cannot engulf your life - else you will miss to take care of the basic needs of your life - such as food, hospital bills, shelter and clothing! So you see - everything is needed - and one who is able to BALANCE all of these aspects of human life - becomes a real Master - a real Yogi!

BALANCE is the key. And therefore a good horoscope is always balanced - meaning it has planets in the Kendra (1,4,7,10) as well as in the Trikona houses (2,3,5,6,8,9,11,12).

Kendra houses is like the playground where the player comes to play and exhibit his or her PERFORMANCE.

WHEREAS Trikona houses are the ‘engine' - the source from where the talent comes.

So now tell me — and I ask this to all my close followers, what drives your performance?

And the answer is - Talent. Intelligence. Wisdom. All of these comes from the abode of the Trikona houses — (2,3,5,6,8,9,11,12).

Now a question may arise — that what if there are no planets in the Kendra houses (

The answer is simple. Then you may NOT get the platform to perform! It is like you are a good batsman but you never got the opportunity to come on the ground and perform — your turn never came!

And so in such scenarios — we find men and women who are talented but they never get the chance to perform! They always remain in the waiting list - waiting for an opportunity! Many times they also tend to miss opportunity.

In certain cases such fellows - even if they get opportunity they are not able to perform well - since there is no planet in the Kendra or the Lord of Kendra (1,4,7,10) is not having the strength!

Mohan asked “And what when there are absolutely no planets in the Trikona?”

Then the native lacks talent or the required skill to make an impact in this world. Through certain ‘connections’ he or she may get many opportunities but because they simply don’t have the necessary talent - they face failures after failures in life! A good example is of Star Kids - these kids get movies or television serials - but they simply cannot make an impact - they lack the basic acting skills!

I generally don’t get much time to watch television serials - but I remember watching a few television serials on Star Plus channel - and the kind of acting talent that I observed in some of the television actors - be it “Niara” or “Kartic” in the television serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. This is the only serial that has always maintained a decent plot that is not too negative and yet has managed to become the most popular television show! Similarly there are certain great acting talents who act in movies - such kind of talent is missing when you don’t have any planet in Trikona houses or the Lord of the Trikona houses is weak!

Now the most interesting question - how this KENDRA and TRIKONA house Lords impact during their Mahadasha period?

And the answer is simple:

To perform - you need the perfect opportunity which only the KENDRA HOUSE lord can offer you. And so - it is necessary that you get to experience the MAHADASHA of KENDRA HOUSE LORD!

Now let us see, based on ASCENDANT, which KENDRA PLANET offers the much required opportunity?

LEO ASCENDANT: SUN, MARS, SATURN, VENUS MAHADASHA can give you the opportunity.
So you - out of all the 12 Ascendants - only 4 Ascendants remain unfortunate in the matters of OPPORTUNITY - and those 4 are:

Simply because these 4 Ascendants get only two planets - JUPITER and MERCURY as KENDRADHIPATI (Lord of KENDRA houses And so the SCOPE of getting opportunity is lesser than the rest 8 Ascendants!

Millions of men and women are born - but NOT everybody gets the opportunity (meaning the MAHADASHA OF KENDRA HOUSE LORD) - it may be the case that you are talented - but if you don’t get the opportunity - the platform then how are you going to make an impact - and attain success in your career?

Reminds me of my meeting with a great Saint.

It happened so that I had met an eminent Doctor in Mumbai. He had become very old. He shared one incident with me - he was close to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. He used to live with Panditji - in Delhi. One day he visited a temple in Varanasi - and he heard a musician playing shehnai, a reeded woodwind instrument. The musician was a very common man - he used to sit next to the Shiva Ling and play his shehnai. The Doctor loved his art - his way of playing the shehnai. The next day - he shared this incident with Pandit Nehru - and insisted that this man should be invited to play before Nehruji. Nehru agreed - the man was invited - and he played his heart out - he played the shehnai so well - that along with Nehru - the whole gathering was mesmerized. In the days to come - this young man became one of the greatest Shehnai player - he came to be known as Ustad Bismillah Khan!

So you see - this is what one needs - this is what real talent needs - OPPORTUNITY - the RIGHT OPPORTUNITY - which the Kendra Lord provides!

At least ONE planet should be in the KENDRA house (1/4/7/10th house).

In worst scenario - it is okay if you don’t have any planet in the TRIKONA houses which provides TALENT - but you need an opportunity which only the KENDRA house provides.

Opportunity to develop talent is what one needs - and so Kendra house LORD and KENDRA HOUSE becomes extremely important in the affairs of human life.

Almost every famous person in this human world has very strong KENDRA HOUSE ( and strong KENDRADHIPATI (Lord of KENDRA).

In simple words - for MATERIAL WORLD (worldly matters) - KENDRA HOUSE is very important considering OPPORTUNITIES comes through the KENDRA.

Whereas for SPIRITUAL WORLD (spiritual progress/ascetic life) - TRIKONA HOUSE is very important ( considering WISDOM comes through the TRIKONA HOUSE.

A wise person is a man of awareness - he remains happy because he has the “skills” to find the positive in the negative!

A Yogi may do well even through he doesn’t get any opportunities in life. So for a Yogi - a spiritual being, a Buddha - it is perfectly fine if there are no planets in the KENDRA or very few planet in the KENDRA. For he is happy in his own bliss - he has tasted that which your money, your status and your power cannot! He is no more trapped in his MIND - he has gone beyond the MIND - he has reached the state of Buddha - the state of NO MIND.

Spiritual journey begins when you start going beyond mind.

Such is the state of a real spiritual being - he is no more of this world - he has gone beyond the world - because the world itself is nothing but an extension of your MIND!

Your MIND is YOUR WORLD. For a villager - all that happens in his village is his world. For a man living in a city - all that happens in the city is his world. In today’s online world - the scope of the MIND has expanded to all corners of the globe - and so the WORLD has become more larger than it used to be in the ancient times. The bottom line is that your WORLD is simply your own magnified MIND.

One day Mohan asked - “In the birth chart - which house you consider as the most significant house?”

I said to Mohan - “Your question is like asking which organ of your body is significant? In reality every organ of the body is significant - each organ functions by the support of other organ - similarly each house in the birth chart is significant - since each house operates based on the SUPPORT of other houses.”

The 1st house is your SVABHAV - your self-nature.

The 2nd house is your VALUES - only when you have VALUES that the MONEY you earn is used for a good cause.

The 3rd house is your EFFORTS - only through efforts you can do something GREAT.

The 4th house is your INNER MOST BEING - only when the inner being is purified - that you can find PEACE, HAPPINESS in life. 4th house therefore signify happiness.

The 5th house is your INTELLIGENCE. And Intelligence is gained through GOOD KARMA - through MEDITATION - through CHANTING the name of the holy LORD - 5th house therefore is connected with SADHANA, PENANCE, WORSHIP, LOVE!

The 6th house is your strength to FIGHT BACK - and defeat the temptations. Always remember the ENEMY on the outside is less dangerous than the your TEMPTATIONS! Mars, Ketu and Sun therefore do well in the 6th house because to FIGHT LIKE A WARRIOR you need MALE DOMINANCE - which MARS and SUN provides as well as you need to have a certain madness - because only then you can fight like a true warrior - this madness - this going beyond the mind comes through KETU and so 6th house is significant considering the fact that only a FIGHTER WINS - it is not important whether you WIN or LOSE - what is important that you FIGHT till the last breath of your LIFE!

The 7th house is your DEALINGS with OTHERS. And the most significant OTHER person in your life is your PARTNER (Marriage partner or sexual partner). The 7th is how WORLD (others) perceive you? There are men and women who ATTRACT others very easily - this power of attraction is in the 7th house. Whenever a person has MOON in the 7th house - he or she definitely ATTRACTS the opposite sex - they often enjoy many relationships - sexual, love affairs. Whenever RAHU is in the 7th house - the person is very easily distracted towards OTHERS - they are the ones who love to gossip about OTHERS. The marriage partner or sexual partner is RAHUISH by nature - and it is very obvious that these men and women are always in the tight grip of their marriage partner.

The 8th house is the DARK WORLD within you. Each one of us carry a dark world within us - which we are not fully aware of! The secret of our existence, the root of our birth, the purpose of our life is what the 8th house stands for. It is the most significant house in ASTROLOGY - since it holds much depth and many secrets within its abode. GUPT DHAN or SECRET TREASURE is always found through the 8th house. Now it is a different subject that what seems to be a treasure for you - may not be a treasure for me! Money/Gold may be your idea of ‘treasure’ whereas for an evolved soul - Wisdom/Self-Realization is what ‘treasure’ is! So it all depends on the level of the soul - and the level of the soul is based on its level of consciousness!

The 9th house is the house where you exhibit wisdom. 8th house is the source of wisdom - 9th house is where your wisdom is showcased. It is just the way a raw diamond is mined from the mines (8th house) and then the same raw diamond is polished, treated and then displayed in a nice showroom (9th house). People then start believing that diamond is available only in air conditioned showrooms - they miss to realize the FACT that the real source of this diamond is the mines (8th house)!

Reminds me of a wonderful incident. And this is very close to my heart. And this sharing is only for my few close followers - once it happened, the great Hindi poet, Sumitranandan Pant, once asked Osho: who in the vast sky of Indian religion are the twelve people, who in your opinion are the brightest shining stars?

Osho noted the following 12 names:

Jiddu Krishnamurti
Pant said to Osho: “You have excluded Lord Rama!”

Osho said: “If I am allowed to choose only twelve; many names will have to be cut. So I have chosen those twelve people who have made some original contribution. Rama has made no original contribution, Krishna has. This is why Hindus call Krishna a complete incarnation, but not Rama.”

Pant asked further, “Next, could you give me seven names?”

Now the question had become more difficult!

Osho gave him seven names:

Pant said: “The five that you have deleted, on what basis did you drop them?”

Osho said: “Nagarjuna is contained in Buddha. That which was a seed in Buddha, manifested itself in Nagarjuna. Nagarjuna can be dropped when it is a question of saving, trees can be dropped, but not seeds, because seeds will again become trees. They will become new trees. When Buddha is born, hundreds of Nagarjunas will soon be born, but no Nagarjuna can give birth to Buddha. Buddha is the headwater of the Ganges. Nagarjuna is just a place of pilgrimage that appears along the course of the Ganges. Lovely, but if cutting is needed, then the place of pilgrimage can be dropped, not the source of the Ganges.

“Similarly Krishnamurti is included in Buddha. Krishnamurti is Buddha’s newest edition — the freshest; in today’s language. But the difference is only of language. Krishnamurti is just an elaboration of Buddha’s final sutra ‘appa dipo bhau’ — be a light unto yourself.’ A commentary on one sutra — deep, profound, tremendously vast, immensely significant! But he’s just a commentary on ‘Be a light unto yourself: appa dipo bhau’. These were Buddha’s last words on this earth. Before leaving his body, he had given this essential sutra… As if the treasure of his whole life, his whole life’s experience was concentrated into this small sutra.

“Ramakrishna can easily be included in Krishna. Meera and Nanak can be dissolved into Kabir. They are like branches of Kabir. As if half of what came together in Kabir has manifested in Nanak and half has manifested in Meera. In Nanak the male aspect of Kabir has manifested, so it is not surprising that Sikhism became a warrior’s religion, a religion of the soldier. In Meera, Kabir’s feminine aspect is manifested — hence his entire sweetness, his entire fragrance, his entire music resound from the bells on Meera’s ankles. The woman in Kabir has sung on the one string of Meera’s ektara. In Nanak the man in Kabir has spoken. Both are contained in Kabir.

“This is how” Osho said, “I made the list of seven.”

Now Pant’s curiosity was tremendously aroused. He said, “And if you had to make a list of five?”

Osho said, “Then it will be even more difficult for me.”

Osho gave him this list:

Because Kabir is merged into Gorakh. Gorakh is the root. Gorakh cannot be left out. And Shankara easily merges into Krishna. He is the exposition of one part of Krishna, the philosophic interpretation of just one aspect of Krishna.

Pant said: “One more time… if only four are to be kept?”

Then Osho listed for him:

Because Mahavira is not very different from Buddha. Just a tiny difference and that too only a difference in expression. Mahavira’s greatness can be encompassed in the greatness of Buddha.

Pant said: “Just one more time… please choose three persons.”

Osho said: “Now it is impossible. I can not drop any of these four.”

Then Osho further explained: “These four individualities are like the four directions. These four dimensions are like the four dimensions of time and space. These four arms are like the four armed conception of god. In fact there is only one, but that one has four arms. To leave out any one would be like cutting off an arm. I cannot do that. Until now I’ve been going along with you. I was continuing to decrease the number, because until now the one’s that had to be put aside were clothes. Now limbs would have to be broken, I cannot fracture limbs. Please don’t insist on such violence.”

Pant said: “Some questions have arisen, one is: you can drop Mahavira, but not Gorakh?”

Osho said “Gorakh cannot be dropped, because Gorakh became a new beginning for this country. No new beginning came from Mahavira. He was a rare man; but for centuries the first twenty three Jaina tirthankaras had already said what he was saying. He was just their repetition. He is not the beginning of a new journey. He is not the first link in a new chain, rather the last link. Gorakh is the first link of a chain. Through him a new type of religion was born. Without Gorakh, there could be no Kabir, no Nanak, no Dadu, no Vajid, no Farid, no Meera — without Gorakh none of these are possible. The basic root of all of them is in Gorakh. Since then the temple has been built high. On this temple many golden spires have been raised… but the foundation stone is the foundation stone. Though the golden spires may be seen from afar, they cannot be more important than the foundation stone. And the foundation is not visible to anyone, but on this very stone stands the whole structure, all the walls, all the high peaks… The peaks are worshipped. People simply forget about the foundation. Gorakh has been similarly forgotten.”

That is how the significance of the 8th house is simply forgotten.

I loved Osho the day I read this excerpt - where he talks about Gorakh - my beloved master - one of the greatest of greatest masters - Gorakhnath!

Co-incidentally today is THURSDAY - GURUVAR - and what a beautiful moment it is that this beautiful revelation and sharing of HIS greatness has happened today - on THURSDAY itself! That is HIS blessing. Without HIM - I am lifeless - WITH HIM - I am ALIVE.

Jai Gorakhnath! Jai Guru!

The 10th house signify the height - the status that you may attain in your life! 10th house is the sum of your 2nd and 6th house!

Mohan asked “How?”

Because 2nd house is your VALUES, ETHICS, PRINCIPLES and 6th house is your quality of SERVICE - how devoted you are to SERVE - when both 2nd and 6th house qualities are in harmony - the 10th is bound to pass with good marks! That is why your STATUS and your STANDING in the society is purely based on your VALUES (2nd) and your SERVICE (6th) to the society or people in general.

The 11th house is culmination point of your desires. It is here that your desires are fulfilled. But how desires are fulfilled? Only when you take efforts (3rd house) and you network with more people, you communicate effectively and establish good relations with people (7th house)! So you see - 11th house gets good marks only when your 3rd and 7th house is strong and supportive!

The 12th house is the BEYOND. It is the Abode of Shive - the place of Buddha. Now if you are an utterly disgusting individual - many of them that I come across - who simply comment to hurt me - such disgusting individuals will only find the 12th house the most painful house! And many also get imprisoned - but those beautiful souls - those beautiful individuals who are meditative - who are turning inwards - who are taking efforts towards their self-growth - to such individuals the 12th house becomes a great rejuvenating place to be! 12th house gets its marks based on the state of your 4th house and 8th house. For spiritual progress - the 4th.8th.12th is of immense significance.

So this is how the whole story of KENDRA and TRIKONA house is. It is a deep subject - may be it is so deep and so interesting that a whole book can be written or a whole series of episodes can be made sitting before a camera!

For now - this is enough. May be someday I will elaborate more on this wonderful subject.

In this October - my new book “Saturn Demystified Spiritually” is coming - I have mentioned many remedies in this brand new book for the larger interest of all my followers and readers - I am certain that this book will benefit my readers - just the way my previous published books have.

Love to all my readers - and always remember - negative people are many, but among these negative idiotic people - we must find the good ones - the beautiful souls. One day - Yukteshwar Giri (the Guru of Paramhansa Yogananda) said to Mahavatar Babaji - “There are many FAKE people in this KUMBH MELA - and so I hestitate to visit the KUMBH MELA.”

To this the great benevolent compassionate divine master - Mahavatar Babaji (Gorakhnath) said “ This human world is a mixture of salt and sugar - one must pick the sugar and leave the salt aside.”

The message was very clear - that though there are many FAKE Saints in the Kumbh Mela or in this human world - still you should consciously share and help those who are worthy of your sharing - who are sugar and NOT salt!

In this vast human world of fake fellows - there are few good authentic beings in this human world and they are thirsty - they are longing - they are waiting - they are the seekers and they must not be ignored - they should be nurtured.

My sharing is only for those who have a certain depth of understanding. My videos or my posts are only for them - the rest can ignore - I have never asked anybody to read or watch my videos - for I am perfectly aware that only those will come who are true to themselves - who are the future Buddhas!

Stay blessed and remember to meditate every day.


Jai Shri Ganesha. Jai Guru.

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