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Communicating with your ancestors
Dec 16, 2020

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Ancestors were once human beings

It essential that one first understands that ancestors were once human beings living in this very world but at a different time. Understanding this means you understand that they have their own personalities including likes and dislikes in terms of habits, etiquette, activities, treasured items (including , but not limited to, clothing, artifacts and jewelry). It doesn’t necessarily have to be something that they actually owned whilst they were alive. It can be something purchased that other people who knew them said they like. It can also be something that people of that age or culture usually like or use.

Setting up your spiritual space

It is imperative that you find a physical and spiritual space where you go to connect with your ancestors . You can choose a room, if you have the space. Even if you have limited physical space, you can use a corner in a room. You must ensure that this is not a space where other people walk by(just for that moment when you’ve set up)

Candles are the key. You must first set up your candles. The total number of candle used is 7 candles. These candles must be different colors., however, the main candle colors are white, yellow, blue and red. White is for light(to light up the path of communication). Yellow is for all ancestors , to show you’re reaching out to them. Blue is for your guardian angels. Red is to fight off negative energies so that they don’t disturb this process. The other 3 candles can be any color of choice.

In front of the candles you will place your incense of choice in a plate or bowl. Then infont of the incense you place their treats or items.

Speaking to your ancestors.

After setting up, sit in front of your items. You will now call on all your ancestors from your father’s side of the family (using both your father’s mother and your father’s father clan names or surnames). You will do the same for your mother’s side. Speak to them as if you’re having a conversation with your grandparents, sisters, brothers and children. Tell them that you’ve brought them these treats and items from your limited knowledge and if there’s something else you’ve missed, they must tell you. Tell them about life and everything troubling you. Ask them for help, guidance, and clarity. Do not be afraid. Always remember they are on your side. Always look out for signs of messages from them afterwards. You can do this once every 3 months.

It is important to find a spiritual guide to give you a reading after this process so that they can check your spiritual alignment with your ancestors, interpret dreams and signs of messages from them, and help you track your progress.

Camagwini ✨🙌🏾

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