Chapter 5: Too Many Things That Should Be Said—Is Left Unsaid.
Feb 9, 2022

Andalasia Anon
Core Spirit member since Oct 28, 2021
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Having first-hand experiences to understand how we feels and we think as a race; I can say I understand how hard it is to be human. To be young and full of potential, we can sometimes let our ego and pride get away with a lot. We know we are entities with unlimited potential for wisdom and greatness. But potential does not automatically result in achievements.

Achievements are the result of earned “do-es” through the process of learning through a journey of growth. On this journey we need to learn balance: not to sell ourselves short, but also to not oversell ourselves too much that we lose sight of who we really are. Changes are not always “bad”. New and fresh perspective are a valued assets to our growth and evolution. Because it highlights the things, we take for granted or the lessons we missed each day. See it for what it is, and not what you are afraid it to be or not to be.

As a fellow traveler and a companion to you in your journey, I am sharing my realizations and revelations. You may do what you will with the knowledge I share. But know that the higher power that places us here is no fool! We were created in its image. Thus, we are not meant to be fools. We discriminate against ourselves and no one else when we choose to believe that our creator is of a distance being whom is not of this world. Who is a mighty figure whom sits upon a golden thorn at all-times—Awaiting to rain down judgment upon us, when our morality end. Someone who is as blind and swallow as we are. Thus, can easily be fooled and does not catch our every action just because there is no one “present” to judge and witness it.

How insulting would we feel in the place of this higher power who creates us, to be viewed as just another ignorant and incompletion fool? Compared and modelled after a mortal ruler who can easily be manipulated, fooled, and blind-sided. We know “good” people do bad things. We have all witnessed from the news and by personal examples "good" people who go to church or mosques every week. Who believe it is necessary to pray five times a day. Who have been elevated to Saint-like status—committed crimes against humanity and Gods alike.

Because we are no longer a young species. We have had thousands of years of coming to be. Therefore, we have history now. A history with traditions and habits that has grown along with our populations. Thus, there are a lot of people who have learned from those traditions and habits to take shortcuts. Resulting in corruptions of the original intended concepts that is once taught to us by our creators. Corruptions that then becomes “truth” embraced and passed down.

Hence, today we have lots of people with more ego than true wisdom teaching their disillusioned experiences to us—to drown us with them. So, be careful of the lessons you learn and who you learn it from. Stop avoiding the obvious: If our creator wanted us to be the same; we would not be created different. All the time and effort invested in each unique individual created proves that no one is an abomination (only misguided and sickly delusional).

IF religious and spiritual practice, which we were told is based on “God” as our creator, is the founder, and the material we are being taught comes directly from the source. Then why are we still suffering? Why until today is there still discrimination between a Black person and a White person? Why is there still really rich people and really poor people? We were told yes, but never witnessed. Who told us? “God” himself? If so, then why is our history painted in the blood of our creator’s masterpieces? Innocent children buried in unmark graves for nothing but the mere fact that people are too ignorant to think on things that they are taught or told?

Are there verifications that any religion is created by the source? Is there verification that the Pope is chosen by this higher power to be its representor? Are those verifications, if there is any—are what we want to believe in or what is higher truth? Before someone represent this entity that creates us, and dictate to others what they should believe—do they even know the entity they represent?

Know what they are supposed to represent? Or is it all a collection of projected wants and needs that is templated of those who are here for the same purpose. But, have lost sight, of what that purpose is themselves. So, they make it up as they go along to keep up with “tradition” out of attachments to glorious past achievements and habits—disguised as so called “respect”? To stay in power, to keep their privileges and keep us—unevolved.

I mean no disrespect to the Pope, or anyone, who themselves, believe they are a messenger or “the chosen one” by this higher power to express its purpose. I can assure you I can empathize with the intense trials and ordeals one must be put through to acquire such knowledge and wisdom. To BE the person that can carry that burden, you must train and prep a long time to be able to lift it upon your shoulders. To have it there until the unknown passing of time when you can put it down where it is needed—is not a task anyone can do. The carriers endure crushing weights upon themselves while facing trials after trials to be able to maintain the abilities to do so. To understand and not forget the reason why they were tasked with the duty.

I do not envy the ones that have the burden of such a role. I do not have to imagine the training and discipline it takes to be responsible for such a monumental task. I am humbled by my far less, personal experiences to respect them for the role they must fulfill, and the will it takes to accomplish it. I believe my role is far easier and much less significant than theirs; yet the road to get to where I am now; have almost crushed me into begging desperately for a way out of existence—ALL existence!

My personal trials were excruciatingly agonizing for a role so small; I cannot imagine what it would be like for one with a bigger role than I. To do so much more, and to be so much more is too terrifying a thought for someone who have experienced just the taste of what it is like. I still doubts and think myself unfit to be the one to take upon the simpler task I am given. Still want to shy away, if not outright run far from my simpler duties and responsibilities. Thus, I am not being disrespectful in any way when I raise questions I am born to raise and say what needed to be said.

Here are some of the questions again: Does an entity as mighty as “God” really need a consistent representor? With our easily corrupted nature. With our history of corruptions when it comes to power, do we think our creator would not notice? Would still support and stand behind that system after its many obvious fails? Do we seriously think that just because we want to believe someone is “the chosen one”; means they are? Just because a small group of privileged minorities (whom might simply be misguided, instead of truly arrogant) think they, themselves, are the status quo. Who decided they want to believe that they hold powerful secret to life—they get to decide who the higher power chooses to represent it? What to call it? Decide who it is? What it is? What face it wears? What it needs and what it wants? Where it resides?

If you believe this small group of people; actually, have that kind of power—Then, why do you even needs to look to the world beyond for the Gods. Your “Gods” are right here. Let me be blunt with you: ***Your God is nothing but a man or a small group of men or women. “He” or “she” is as powerful as “his/her” ability to manipulate you to give up your own will to “him/her”. “He/She” is as wise as you are gullible and ignorant. ***

Because I have told you that writing this book is my higher purpose and duty, you should wonder if I have directed those questions at myself. My answer is yes—ALL the time! It is the main reason why this book is so excruciatingly painful to write. Also, because I questions myself all the time that I wonder why more people have not asks the same questions sooner and it is not a bigger topic. Why there are so many things that should be said—is left unsaid. While plenty that does not need to be said—are said often.

Why a topic as big and influential as religion is such a controversial topic and taught should be avoid as free social conversation. People believes, obsessions, and their extreme actions taken in the name of religions and spirituality are the results of countless deaths and horrific acts of crimes for thousands of years—or more. Yet, it is a topic that we are warned against in open conversations and discussions. Why? Because of this “hush hush” mentality, we have allowed our children and our peers to be murdered. And their murderers to get a way to continue committing horrific crimes not only against us—but our Gods as well.

Seriously, do you not think it is a little foolish that some people think they can decide if our Creator is male or female? Asian or white? Wear this face or that or what power it should hold and what it should not? Do you not think it is pretty arrogant of us to define "God" and expect it to live up to our definitions and expectations? What make any of us think we have such power—such rights? Nothing. Just ego. Just a few minor achievements and a few thousands of years of existences—and already, we think we have a right to decide and dictate our creators.

We glorify our past achievements and bypass our failings. To manipulate others to our will and teach them. So, they can teach others, to continue to blindly cover our sinister intentions. Hence, the “hush hush” that allow horrific act of “evil” to exist; to live on for thousands of years. Unchallenged, unaddressed, and unresolved. Leaving us—Unevolved. When those “hush hush” topics are discovered, guess what?

Everyone comes together to cry big tears, say how “horrible” it is to have learned about the discovery too late, and say how “sorry” they are. Then everyone moves on to continue ignoring or bypassing the ROOTS of the real problems until something else is discovered. And start the whole process or cycle again. Hence, our problems are never truly solved, and our lessons are never learned.

****Side Note: *** Being born into two different religion and spiritual family in this timeline and because I love to learn about people. I am exposed to a lot of different cultural traditions and customs so I can say, this is not the behaviour of one group of people’s subject problems—but most of the world’s. As I have said, religions and spirituality are not a small subject. Just because we “hush hush” it by teaching each other that we cannot openly discuss and talk about the problems that arise because of it. Does not mean it is not a problem to be addressed NOW.

Again, at this point. If I have already offended, you with this subject. There is more to come. So, I suggest if this is something that you cannot yet openly and willingly be objective about. Please stop reading my work. I thank you for coming this far with me. And it is ok for you to not be ready, most people are not either. But they will one day soon. Source has allowed our “Gods” to borrow its power for long enough. If my higher purpose and missions, teaches me anything. It is that the time is here for Source to take back its power from the “Gods” we know.

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