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Channeled poem from the inner luminary

Apr 5, 2021
Core Spirit member since Sep 10, 2020
Reading time 2 min.

My love, you seem so distant. It breaks my heart to see you so empty,

Does your heart sing as mine does but in silence so no one would shut it down?

Does it dare to dream about things only hearts can ?

Has fear convinced you of losing it in this world that can appear so cold and ruthless?

Maybe we can add to some softness my love, perhaps we can stand tall in our roots so true knowing that even if we lose it,

it must return..

Never stop shining even if your light gets dimmed, know I am here know I always wait when you return.

Know my love for you is more prominent than anything your mind could ever measure.

My tears stream from the beautiful sadness that can be life, the absurdity that is happiness, and the cosmic drama being played out.

One day you will laugh, that I promise, you will laugh with tears streaming down your face, but this time it will be of joy.

But do you not see, they are the same tears? That is life… Funny isn’t it?

It is sometimes broken so it can be repaired, and it is sometimes tested so it can succeed.

Remember my greatest love in the times when hope is lost, and acknowledge my confusion those days your hearts swell with joy.

For it is through you, I can know me. Thank you a thousand times.

In moments of doubt and sadness, you can still create. Using the emotions to paint on any canvas.

Life is like a canvas, it is made to be created on. And every time we finish one, we want to start another.

Let us try in those moments of despair to keep creating on our canvases.

Because you know all those heartbreaking love songs? They were not written in a moment of bliss I can tell you that.

But it is through reminding ourselves that we can always relate to someone that takes the edge away from the pain, and who knows, maybe it can even be beautiful?

All is as it should be, it could not be any other way..

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