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Jun 30, 2020

Further to my article on day twenty three…9. THE LAW OF COMPENSATION

All actions and services entitle us to be compensated. Perfect equilibrium is governed by the principle of action-recovery, according to which any activity or movement consumes a specific amount of energy that needs to be recovered to maintain the efficiency and the continuance of the activity.

Every human or divine interaction is maintained and is efficient due to the Law Of Compensation. In every type of relationship there is a healthy and mutual interest in being complementary and obtaining mutual benefits.


• Buyer-seller relationships are also efficient when both sides benefit equally, ensuring that the commercial activity is secure for all clients.

• In relationships between friends there is a mutual benefit of support, company, sympathy, freedom, and having someone to trust and to call on. Each individual is always ready to return the same support that they have received from their friends, thereby compensating the effort that they made before.

• In parent-child relationships, parents provide their young children with all the love, affection, support, help, security, guidance and the best services they are able to offer. When there as been a harmonious education, parents can be sure that their children will always be ready to compensate them with the same love, making all their resources available to them to support and help them whenever necessary.

• In teacher-student relationships, the teacher transmits his knowledge to his student, who compensates him with the related payment so that he can meet his needs and keep his teaching services active and efficient.

Within economic systems the compensation is usually money. However, people can establish other non-monetary forms of compensation. Yet in order to remain within the Law of Harmony, it is essential for there always to be a clearly defined compensation. This is the only way for us to remain in balance with the Universe, and to ensure that the sources that generate the products and services which make human well-being possible at all social levels are kept active and efficient.

Giving without receiving l eads to exhaustion of the sources of mutual well-being, the disappearance of the product and service, and the deterioration of the quality of life and well-being.

Receiving without giving produces poverty and people who are unable to serve, create, act, accept their life of commitment to some activity; in addition to the disastrous results that arise from the increase in poverty, which generates all kinds of psychosocial skills.

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