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Sports Psychology
Lana Olley
Athletics 101: All You Need to Know

Athletics is an assortment of games that comprise of three principle regions:

track occasions

field occasions

team occasions

Athletics is frequently connected with the Olympics. Be that as it may, it isn’t only for world class competitors. Every wee…

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Sports Psychology
Jonathan Tayron
Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Endurance Training ASAP

While a few people actually question the rational soundness of individuals leaving their lounge chair pads to bind up running shoes, dust off bicycles, or snap-on goggles, nobody can reject that high-intensity games are developing — and quick. Maybe it’s …

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Sports Psychology
Jonathan Tayron
Why You Should Start Swimming ASAP

Swimming is quite possibly the most mainstream sport in Australia. Our country is encircled by water and swimming is one of our extraordinary interests. Just as being fun, swimming is an extraordinary method to stay in shape, stay solid, and make companio…

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Sports Psychology
Lana Olley
What is The Endurance Course and How Does It Work?

The Endurance Course is a 2.5 mile deterrent course through the excellent woods of Quantico. Furthermore, breathing easy cutoff is a compulsory prerequisite for finishing OCS.

Look at this magnificent go through of the OCS Obstacle Course and Endurance C…

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Sports Psychology
Charly Morres
Improve Your Paintball Skills With These Tips and Tricks

Benefit from your Paintball Gun

Keep your firearm clean. After each game ensure that it is liberated from any paint or mud:

A burst pellet in the barrel will bring about truly helpless precision and can even forestall your weapon discharging.

Your fire…

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Sports Psychology
Lana Olley
Training History: Volume versus Intensity

The Evolution of Training:

The preparation of distance sprinters has advanced dependent on an experimentation strategy that is basically a definitive logical cycle. Generally, the effective practices stay and the fruitless practices get given up. In any …

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Sports Psychology
Nathaniel Hatch-Johnson
Self Talk - Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Who uses self-talk?

You. Your competitors. Your teammates. Your coach. Possibly your dog/cat too.

What is self-talk?

Simply put, that little voice in your head. It can be split into two categories, “Instructional” and “Motivational” here are two generi…

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Sports Psychology
Demi Powell
The fittest woman in the world – what is her secret?

At age 26, Katrín Davíðsdóttir is an Icelandic CrossFit athlete who’s best known for her gritty appearances at the CrossFit Games. She is the women’s champion of the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games, making her one of two women who can claim the title of two-…

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Sports Psychology
Jonathan Tayron
Running and jogging: Essential Guide for Beginners

Running or running is a mainstream type of active work. Around one out of five Australians take a stab at running (or running) at some stage in their life. Running is an engaging activity since it doesn’t cost a ton to partake and you can run whenever tha…

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