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1 min.
Sep 18 2022
Spiritual transformative experience

From Spirit, we incarnate into this plane of existence. Finding our soul expression and grow from the experiences we have manifested in this design of our journey. When as a Soul. our soul purpose has been met,there is an energetic exit point we have la…

Allayah Frisch
1 min.
Jan 14 2022
The Civil Savage: How To Mother Yourself Through Heartbreak

Most of us have experienced great love and loss in our lives. We know the feeling of dissappointment that follows rejection or the one who got away. Sometimes, we may feel as if we have found the one, but question whether or not we are worthy of such love…

Abigail Simpson
4 min.
Sep 13 2021
What Makes Afrocentric Doulas Different

**What is a Doula **

by Innocence Smith, CBD

A doula is a trained companion who is not a healthcare professional and who supports another individual through significant health-related experiences including pregnancy, postpartum, abortions, or non-reprod…

Innocence Smith
3 min.
Aug 22 2021
Once in a Blue Moon - Full Moon In Aquarius August 22nd 2021

Debate exists as to what constitutes a blue moon. Some say when two full moons occur within the same month. Others that the original rarity is when there are four full moons in a season as now. For added confusion it is the third full moon of the four t…

2 min.
Aug 4 2021
Your Body as a Metaphor

When I became more skilled at tuning into my body, I did it out of intrigue. I really had no idea just how much it would reveal to me about everything. Seeing the body through the eyes of symbolic sight enabled me to see myself, in others and in the world…

Keeva Dagg
Sep 26 2019
What happens in a Rebirthing Session?

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