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The Civil Savage: How To Mother Yourself Through Heartbreak

Jan 14, 2022

Most of us have experienced great love and loss in our lives. We know the feeling of dissappointment that follows rejection or the one who got away. Sometimes, we may feel as if we have found the one, but question whether or not we are worthy of such love.

This can manifest itself in many forms; self criticism, self doubt and self esteem issues out of fear.

A civil savage is someone who comes into contact with their shadow, the unloved parts pf themselves that get triggered through heartbreak and transmutes it.

You can master the art of being emotionally independent whilst simultaneously staying whole and healthy.

You are capable of walking out of a situation that should have completely destroyed you with more grace, resilience and self love than when you walked in.

When we are in an emotionally dark place, it is easy to cave into the sounds of the night.

The voices that tell us that we are not good enough can make us feel as if we are on an island, abandoned and alone.

The darkness of despair is commonly referred to as the void and it isn't empty.

It is the infinite possibility of our transformation.

It is good to remember that no matter how dark it gets, you deserve to love and be loved just by existing.

Regardless of any circumstance, your thoughts and feelings are valid.

A journey to wholeness acknowledges that all parts of ourselves deserve to be seen, felt and heard.

I am love. I deserve care.

Self care is fundamentally the first step in mothering yourself.

From drawing a relaxing bath to spending time in nature, creating sacred spaces for your mind in the midst of chaos is priceless.

The essence of motherhood is nurture. Gravitate towards the things that make you feel whole.
Journal your thoughts. Face your fears by creating a space where they can be welcomed and heard.

Don't label your thoughts as negative or bad because of the way they make you feel for they are just a reflection of what you experienced.

Self awareness and self reflection are tools.

Cry. Breathe. Create.

A true mother loves us regardless of where we are in our journey. If we remember this and practice giving this love to ourselves, we would have made a quantum leap towards silencing those endless voices from within that seek to tear us down. Effectively taking back our power and shifting our perspectives about ourselves and from that moment onward, positively reshaping our reality.

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